Hi, everyone. I will be busy with editing work for textbooks, so I won’t be able to write blogs and go to places I want to go to as often as before. While I have scheduled posts for Instagram, I do not have them for WordPress. Sadly, I won’t be able to edit Gakuwesaribig and Gakuwesaribigin (When was the last time I even opened the files to edit them?) because para sa bata, para sa bayan muna.

I need to finish Gakuwesaribig at least by May, but jeez, where is time?

Just so you know, I am extremely thrilled to be working on textbooks since this combines my skills in editing and my passion for quality education. I have learned so much from my previous employer and from editing workshops and seminars, making me think I have found my ideal job, though finding a permanent workplace that can give a good pay for professional editors like me is difficult.

Anyway, that aside, just a reminder that our learners need books containing accurate and updated information. However, and this applies to all books, quality needs time. A book, specifically a textbook, needs to go through developmental, substantive, and mechanical editing, not to mention the number of times the manuscript has to go through the editor-author feedback process. Unfortunately, some would only consider sales, therefore rushing the whole process; while I understand that it is still a business, following the right process is still important so the quality is not compromised.

I know I entered a suicide mission, but ugh, I can’t stand erroneous errors—especially on content—in textbooks. So pardon for the lack of content. Enjoy your summer as I, well, “enjoy” mine.

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