A Brief Nonspoiler Take on Avengers: Endgame

I could put this on a tweet, but then I realized some might have not watched it yet, and any form of opinion would kind of lessen their anticipation. So I decided to put my brief nonspoiler take on Avengers: Endgame here.

As someone who likes to watch both Marvel and DC movies and has heard about what really happened in the comics, I have one issue about a scene in the movie (clue: what critics say about Wonderwoman vs. Captain Marvel). The beginning was sloppy and full of exposition, but I as a fan forgave and slipped it off as “I needed that to prepare myself for the real end.”

Let me add that I find it funny how 90%, if not all, of the conspiracy theories I had read did not get it right. Three of my hunches happened, but I did not expect the rest. Elements I liked most about the film, and I will enumerate it as vaguely as I can, were (1) a certain character arc, (2) the movie’s humor, and (3) the value of trust between a mentor and a mentee. Overall, it was a good film, with a beautiful ending to this ten-year franchise.

What are your thoughts?

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