Draft Tweets about #Halalan2019 That Are Too Long, I Wrote a Blog Instead

Draft Tweet No. 1: On Voting Otso Diretso and Colmenares

“Dilawan ka kaya iboboto mo Otso Diretso.”

“NPA si Colmenares. Ba’t mo siya iboboto?”

It’s not about the color anymore, nor is it about who is popular. We need people who are for the people, people not for one region but for the whole country. We have to research thoroughly and not cling to Facebook and Twitter. We have to confirm and verify information ourselves.

I am always afraid to speak out, especially when most of my relatives are pro-Marcos and some of my high school classmates before support Duterte. I am privileged to have studied in the University of the Philippines and became aware of the issues in the society on a much clearer perspective as well as be a part of Teach for the Philippines where I was able to engage discussions with people who are involved in a wide variety of sectors.

Do you know who my answer was when my AP teacher in high school asked me, “Who do you think is the best president?” I answered Marcos. There were no details on the learning material we used back then about the deaths, only about “People Power” because he was president for a long time. I was pro-demolition before. Pro–death penalty before.

But we learn. We mature. We realize that the system is flawed as we read and explore and listen. And I quote a tweet,

Draft Tweet No. 2: On Voting De Guzman, and Arellano

“Di ko naman siya kilala. Di yan mananalo. Sana si ano na lang.”

The thing is, we know they will do better than the rest, knowing how they performed in the field compared with the others on the list. So why not? Do you not at least want to campaign for these people, especially when you are a person of influence, letting others know of their performance? This election season happens every three years, and like K-pop idols and the YouTube celebrities, I try my best to promote them.

This image is the same for this thinking: https://www.cartoonistgroup.com/store/add.php?iid=118668.

Draft Tweet No. 3: On “Educate not Hate”

My Twitter feed and comments on Facebook are way too different, and now I am scared for the Philippines. I am saddened how people can be blind to support a president who jokes about rape. Kahit iyon na lang. Tuwang tuwa sila sa kabastusan, ano?

Sometimes you just want to make your hands work and speak for your candidates. In the end, they will throw you “bobo” and “bulok,” disengaging from the discussion and concluding what dimwit you are. They say, “Educate not hate.” But what if people do not want to be educated?

Draft Tweet No. 4: On “Disiplina ang kailangan ng Pilipinas”

Yes, yes, we need it. But people wanted authoritarians to rule our country but with the wrong motivations. They want others to discipline them; they do not want to discipline themselves first. People ignore pedestrian stoplights. Cigarettes are thrown just about anywhere, even on signages where it says “No Smoking.”

These people . . . they wanted some kind of The Purge, if you have seen the movie. They wanted a reset button for the country, but in my opinion, it will unlikely happen unless a disease like Black Plague strikes or a natural disaster like what happened in Pompeii affects the whole country. Policies on limiting the number of children will take years before a population decline is noticed.

What we must do is to adapt to this changing world by implementing sure policies that will improve the majority of people’s lives, with the leadership of those whom we elected.

I voted for the following public servants today:

  1. Alejano
  2. Aquino
  3. Arellano
  4. Colmenares
  5. De Guzman
  6. Diokno
  7. Gutoc
  8. Hilbay
  9. Macalintal
  10. Osmena
  11. Roxas
  12. Tanada

Whatever the results will be, it is the majority of the votes. Let us not blame the masses and label them as “bobotante,” as they are victims of the flawed system. If there are people whom we must have reservations with, these are the people who are in power but still support a tyrant.

Let us fervently hope that the elected knows what the Philippines needs.

What are your thoughts?

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