What Editing My Previous Works Made Me Realize

I won’t cross-post this on Twitter, as this may contain spoilers on my novel Siya.

I am currently editing Siya, particularly Siya at Kami, as this will soon be published. There’s this chapter where Geanne becomes pregnant with Migs, and Kai, my lead character, stopped her from doing so. Although Kai told Geanne that it was still her choice, I was angry with myself that Kai sounded all-knowing, telling Geanne what to do with her body. Geanne needed someone to listen, not someone to tell her what to do.

I think I remember there’s also a part like this in This Is Not a Love Story.

And . . . editing my works made me realize that as I mature, my beliefs continuously change. I finished Siya way back February 2016, so it was only three years ago that I was “pro-life.” Now I believe in choice—the choice of a woman to keep or not to keep the “unplanned” fetus.

I remember listing the following cons of passing a bill on abortion when I was “pro-life”:

  1. Possibility of more men raping and abusing women, intentionally ejaculating inside a woman’s vagina
  2. Moral degradation (premarital sex, “the fetus has life” arguments)

Now that I have reanalyzed this, I find my first “pro-life” point very problematic. While this may be a possibility, it should not be the problem of the creation of the bill on abortion anymore; it should be with the man who chose to use the law to harm other people. 

My second point is more valid but merely subjective. Merely subjective, I say, because conservative people of religion might find this abominable. However, the law must benefit everyone and should not be constructed according to the beliefs of one religious group.

I guess it will be easier this way: If a religious group strongly opposes a law, then it is up to them whether they “condemn” pro-choice people and believe that “they will not be saved.” They can recruit others to become members of their religion and influence them to take sides with their faith, but they cannot alter the law.

Unfortunately, humans are a complicated species. It seems that we are created not to harmonize with but to destroy one another.

There is a lot to discuss that I would not elaborate here because I am a bit groggy at 1:30 a.m. However, I am looking forward to learning and hearing your two cents.

What are your thoughts?

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