A Princess for One Day at Nuel Cafe

In the middle of the busy streets of Mandaluyong lies the El Magistrado Building where this very majestic cafe called Nuel Cafe resides. I am in awe that I have only known this now when it has been around since last year, and they were even rewarded by Q Asia for their excellent service. I felt like royalty during my entire stay, and I highly recommend their service and food.


Clear hints that this place is owned by a lawyer include lady justice statues, the name of the building itself, and the “lawyer” sign outside. The venue is filled with all sorts of gold—maybe authentic, maybe painted—but the thing is, they decided to stick with the theme, which made my whole stay satisfying. You may wear their tiaras for extra experience.

The images below are outside their main cafe (but still a part of it).

And here are pictures of what their cafe looks inside. Men in red robes served us; plus, their utensil and receipt container strictly followed their theme. I wasn’t able to check if they have comfort rooms though.


Their great food entailed high price. We ordered rib eye steak (Php 580), chicken provencal (Php 200), English tea (Php 180), and mocha frappe (Php 140), all scored 9.5/10. I must say that Nuel Cafe is one of those restaurants where I am satisfied with all the food they served.

Favorite Picture

Nuel Cafe
Mondays to Fridays 2:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m.
Second Floor, El Magistrado Building, 458 Barangka Drive, Malamig, Mandaluyong City

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