Cafe Mermania: A Cafe for Your Mermaid Dreams

One of the cafes in my “to go to” list was Under the Sea Cafe in Maginhawa, but even before I could go there, it already closed. So when I found out about Cafe Mermania, a mermaid-themed cafe in Marikina, I had no second thoughts of going.


Every object found inside the cafe does not stray from its under-the-sea theme: the murals, the decor, the seats, and even the food. However, the cafe does not only use the usual sea colors of sky blue and sea green but also splashes their corners with Barbie-like colors of violet and pink.

Young girls will surely love the knitted blankets that the cafe used as mermaid-tail costumes and the tilapia slippers that they could wear before going inside the “mermaid room.”


Cafe Mermania serves well-prepared food, and I didn’t regret ordering every bit of it. Even their mermaid tail cupcake (Php 75) was worth the price. (I loved the candy tail so much!)

The baked lasagna (Php 165), one of their bestsellers, reminds me of my mom’s cooking (8/10). It was a bit dry inside, but I enjoyed it along with some bites from the buffalo wings (Php 255). The latter’s sweetness and little spiciness complemented well with the pasta, assuring its place as one of Cafe Mermania’s bestsellers (10/10).

I usually order chocolate frappes, but this time, I ordered their strawberry frappe as reviews highly recommend it. I don’t usually like berry frappes, but I liked this one, particularly the strawberry popping boba that came along with it (9/10).

For more of their menu, click here.

Favorite Picture

Cafe Mermania
12:00–8:00 p.m. Tuesdays to Sundays
5 General Ordoñez Avenue, Marikina

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