Negligence Leading to Missing Content

This is me, realizing that I wasn’t able to post a crucial part of one of my short stories, Crosswalk.

I wrote the whole thing on Word before posting it on Wattpad. Then, I copied and pasted it. Simple as that. And no, I rarely reread my works when I have already posted them (unless I’m curious with a comment).

Light bulb. So that was why someone asked about it, and I was like, “Did I not mention it?”

Here is the proof. Notice that the last edit was December 2018. The last sentence in Crosswalk‘s Chapter 8 before I made the edit was “Nanonood kami ng dalawang episode ng Buzzfeed Unsolved habang kumakain at pagkatapos, umuwi na rin ako.”

But there was a lot more after it.


I already made the changes, by the way.

I knew of this negligence of mine when a reader I am following on Twitter mentioned she was reading Crosswalk. (I’m fond of her because she reviews all stories she reads on Wattpad, and girl, naiinggit ako kasi ang dami niyang time at ang dami na niyang nabasa! Follow her @CHULelang on Twitter for recommendations on what to read on Wattpad) So I was also reading and noticed that there was something missing on Chapter 8, like parang putol. So I opened the Word file and . . . TADA. I was shocked to my core that I missed a crucial part.

I am not sure how and why. Maybe I got too excited? It’s almost the same situation with posting the same content for two chapters of Siya. Minsan naiinis ako sa sarili ko, ano? It’s really bad practice not to read before you post. Pero minsan kasi ang daming gagawin kaya papabayaan ko na lang. My bad, and I never learned from it. Hehe. Tigas ng ulo ko, sorry.

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