Shifting from Print to Amazon Kindle

I only started reading books as a hobby in 2012, just after college. I hated reading before, especially when teachers and professors make us read tons of papers. It was like . . . I grew tired of comprehending (my EQ and logic grades in psych exams were way higher than my reading comprehension). Maybe because I was judged so bad at reading R. L. Stine books than J. K. Rowling’s during elementary. It was only when I read The Little Prince while waiting for my tutee and when a colleague recommended Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe that my love for reading reignited.

This was where I started buying books on impulse.

When I go to bookstores, I look for books with good covers, those with minimal art. (Yes, sorry, I am an Aquarius in disguise but a Capricorn by heart, judging books by their covers.) Then, I read the blurb at the back. If the plot seems interesting, I will buy the book without looking at the price. But when I would start reading, the first chapter—or, worse, the first page—would fail to catch my attention. Finishing the book would then feel like a chore, just like my college readings.

My collection of to-read and have-read books piled up, occupying my small room. I listed some on my Carousell account; others, I gave them away. Somehow I was able to detach myself from them, realizing that they were sitting on my shelf for several years already and someone might want them for a cheaper price. I retained my favorite books on my small shelf though, as these are the books I might want to reread from time to time.

This attitude of mine has been existing even before the rise of Marie Kondo. I would end up giving away the things I haven’t used for a year. On my Instagram account, you’d see that I repeat clothes in my closet and refuse to buy new outfits even for special occasions. But for books—even for the ones I didn’t like so much—it was hard.

This is my issue: I would want to be able to choose a book and finish reading it. I also considered going paperless as much as possible, hence the search for the best ebook platform. Research led me to Amazon Kindle.

What I loved Amazon Kindle is it lets me read samples of the book. I put a lot into my library and already read and removed books because of this feature. The first five paragraphs are crucial to me. If it doesn’t catch my attention that early, I would stop reading. After around five samples, I had my first purchase: You, Me, U.S. by Brigitte Bautista, which I am discussing in my next blog.

No regrets. If I buy a printed book even after I bought its ebook, then it says so much about the story. Now my goal is to read one book per month and not to spend all my money there. Abangan.

One thought on “Shifting from Print to Amazon Kindle

  1. Saan ka po nagbabasa ng about sa Zodiac signs? Kakatapos ko lang ng Pares eh baka may mapala naman ako sa pagtingin ng compatibility. Charot hahahahaha!


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