Succeeding on My “Twitter Diet”

Twitter has been my rant box. My thought dump. Everything from politics to cute pups, from fangirling to book quotes, from relatable depressing quotes to uplifting ones—I either retweet the original post or say something about it, and it doesn’t matter if I posted a second ago. But last July, I learned that a friend unfollowed me on Twitter, which kept me wondering if I said too much on the site. But it was a microblog, and I knew I had all the right to say what I wanted—responsibly, that is; still, my anxiety took over, and I thought of going on a social media diet, particularly on Twitter.

And as of August 12, 2019, 8:56 p.m., I think I am quite succeeding.

My life has been much peaceful and productive after this experiment, so I decided I’ll be continuing this. And if you’d want to try it, here are some helpful tips.

  1. I timed my tweets. As I’ve said, Twitter is my god-tier social media app. I see and post everything there, exposing my mind to my followers. To me, that’s fine as long as I don’t bother anyone with my successive tweets. So at first, stopping myself from tweeting was really, really difficult. What I did was to draft whatever I needed to tweet at that moment and made sure I’ll be tweeting only every after two hours. Sometimes I “cheat” and make it an hour, but that’s a rare occasion nowadays. Today I only tweet once or twice a day, not because I’m stopping myself from tweeting but because I got used to it already.
  2. If it’s about gossip, I don’t react. Yup, it is really tempting to give my two cents regarding the matter, but thinking about it, why do I care so much anyway? These are their lives, and their choices are theirs, and the consequences are inevitable. I never liked about people questioning my decisions, so why would I do the same to others even if I do not know them? As Socrates once said, “Great minds discuss ideas; average minds discuss events; small minds discuss people.”
  3. If it’s about politics, I keep it short or retweet something similar to my opinion. If there are so many things to point out, exceeding the 240-character limit, I’ll make it a blog. Politics has been a distraction to me, especially during my depressive episodes. Besides, being updated is always better than being ignorant. The things is, I post a lot about it: feminism, LGBTQ+, this administration’s betrayal to the people whom they promised to serve and protect, and a lot more. But my Twitter diet made me think, “Has anyone pointed out the same thing?” If yes, I would either retweet or like a tweet of an individual more influential than me. If no or if I had details to add, I’ll either keep it short or write a blog when I exceed the 240-character limit.

Nowadays I only post notes to myself that I think others could relate to, pup videos to lighten people’s moods, or stuff related to my works. For other things too long for Twitter, you’ll find them here, safe on WordPress.

What are your thoughts?

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