Travel Plans and Coffee Combo at Era Travel Cafe

Update as of July 9, 2021: Era Travel Cafe has relocated.

Recently, it has been my hobby to look for hidden Instagram-worthy cafes in Rizal, especially in Cainta, my hometown. It was timely that I discovered Era Travel Cafe, a relaxing travel-themed cafe near Sta. Lucia East Grand Mall, best for individuals who need a chill spot to plan their next travel.

Eradventure Travel and Tours operates Era Travel Cafe, so if you’re looking for a travel agency to plan your next getaway while enjoying a chill time with your cup of coffee, then I recommend that you visit their website or their cafe.

How to Go to Era Travel Cafe

If you’re from SM East Ortigas, ride a jeep to Junction (minimum fare) and then another one to Sta. Lucia. On the other hand, if you’re from Antipolo, ride a jeep to Tikling (minimum fare) and then, again, Sta. Lucia. Era Travel Cafe is on the second floor of the Avenue Building, beside Sta. Lucia East Grand Mall and Brick Road and in front of ABE School.

What to Expect in Era Travel Cafe

The venue is small, good for around ten to fifteen people if you would like to host a small party for your friends. I often visit their Facebook page and noticed that seminars and workshops frequently happen there. In fact, they hold events themselves, like Vloggers Day (which I hope to be attending this weekend), frappe parties, and Saturday gigs.

You can also avail of their photoshoot, with free frappe and bread, for Php 399.

Their venue gave off chill night travel vibes, probably because of the lighting, the miniature Eiffel Tower, the vintage cameras, the map stickers, the dreamcatchers hanging on their ceiling, and the brown dividers that complemented with their white walls and other green ornaments. One wall felt out of theme, and I hope they’d consider replacing it with something that gives off an aura of nature.

They have sockets (I’m not sure if these can be used by guests). I wasn’t able to check if they have a comfort room though.

What to Eat in Era Travel Cafe

We ordered Era’s Overload (nachos and fries) for Php 99 and double dutch frappe for Php 79. Both of what we ordered tasted okay; as I say, the typical comfort food. Although I loved the first taste of their frappe, it became too creamy in the middle.

I would probably try their hot coffee and pastries next time I visit. Check more of their menu here.

Favorite Picture

ERA Travel Cafe
Monday–Thursday 9:00 a.m.–6:00 p.m.
Friday–Saturday 9:00 a.m.–10:00 p.m.
2nd Floor The Avenue Bldg. Felix Ave. Cainta, Rizal

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