The Blessings of Commuting from Rizal to Anywhere in NCR

None. There are none.

I’m from Cainta, and yesterday I had to go to Ortigas for a 10 a.m. interview. Usually, I am fifteen minutesor an hour evenearly. I left two hours before, only to arrive 30 minutes late, even if I already rode a taxi that cost me Php 320. (Grab was Php 420, so I chose to ride an ordinary taxi.)

Today I have an 11 a.m. meeting in Makati. I left four hours earlier this time. FOUR HOURS. I rested inside the PUV and thanked the heavens for being able to ride one without fighting for it, but when I woke up after two hours because my bladder can no longer hold it, we were still in Pasig. If I had to estimate, it will still take me another two hours to reach my destination.

I went down and rushed to the nearest restroom then booked Angkas. I mean, seriously, this app is the best thing that happened in the history of “We’re trying to find ways to improve traffic in our country.” I had to pay Php 134 though, but that’s relatively cheaper than my taxi ride the other day.

Di pa nag-uumpisa ‘tong araw na ‘to, gusto ko na agad matapos. Commuting in the Philippines brings out the worst in me, ‘lam n’yo ‘yon?

(I am now inside Ministop near the building where I’m supposed to be, releasing the negative vibes by crafting this rant. So maybe I have to rent a room in a motel nearby just to arrive on time, ano? Sigh. Bakit kasi di na lang bigyan ng responsibility itong mga nagbebenta ng mga sasakyan? Ano bang kalakaran ng business na ‘to? Tumutulong ba sila sa pagtayo ng mga alternative roads kada sasakyan na nabebenta nila? Nakaka-frustrate. Of course I know there are other factors and I’m writing this out of frustration, pero mag-2020 na. I guess there’ll be a day that it will take one whole day for cars to roam around the metro. Let’s wait for Christmas season.)

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