Love Cakes? Visit Bunny Baker

I had been looking for this place ever since I became fond of blogging about cafes. But even when I was still working in Makati, my attempts failed. I would take a quick tour from Glorietta to Rustan’s but to no avail. It was when I had the whole afternoon to figure out where Bunny Baker might be when I learned that it’s in one of the corners of the department store, near the toy section. Talk about an elusive bunny!


Ride a PUV going to Ayala and tell the driver to drop you at Rustan’s. Look for Rustan’s Department Store and take the escalator up to the third floor. Bunny Baker is at the corner of the toy section.


Filled with pastel colors and decorative cartoon-themed cakes, the Bunny Baker sure fits the toy section that surrounded it. If you’ll zoom the pictures, you’ll see a sample of their designs—infinity gauntlet, Totoro, Pokemon, Star Wars, and a lot more—which are themes children are thrilled about. (I’m planning to have one made, actually.)

The back of the seats looked like bunny ears as well, and the banderitas gave an Easter feeling. It has no doors though, which made me think it was a part of the toy section. I even had to peek to make sure it really was a cafe.


I ordered chicken mayo (whole wheat bread, chicken breast, cashew, celery, mayonnaise), which came with salted potato chips, for Php 220. I was even expecting the sandwich to be a little sour because of the mayonnaise, but it turned it to be okay. An 8/10.

Their hand-crafted single-scoop bunnylato worth Php 110 was not my taste though (6/10). Maybe because my last cup of coffee was two months ago, so it tasted bitter. What more for two scoops? (But that aside . . . little win for not drowning myself with caffeine, yehey!)

My favorite was the cookies and cream gelato (10/10), which came with two cute marshmallows that looked like bunny ears. The overall presentation was too cute that I was tempted to buy another one.

For more of their menu, check this link.

Favorite Picture

Bunny Baker
8:00 a.m.–10:00 p.m.
3F Rustan’s Makati, Courtyard Drive 1226, Ayala Ave, Makati, Metro Manila

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