Dessert Museum: Sweeter the Second Time Around

Dessert Museum, an Instagrammable place perfect for your pastel feed, has new rooms to offer: Banana Beach, Macaron Tea Party, Bewitched Bakery, and Pinata Pit. I was eager to check them out, so I went with my brother on a Sunday of September. We obtained our tickets on Metrodeal for Php 529, which is Php 170 cheaper than the original price.

This time, I brought my new camera with me. Yay! And I made sure to take pictures of the whole place as well, something I didn’t do the first time I went. Check my blog here.

Note that I included pictures of my brother for the parts I forgot to take solo shots of. Teehee.

There were no changes in the first two rooms. The first room still contained a lot of hanging pink doughnuts, although I’m not sure if the toss game was there before.

The second room still had the floating white marshmallows, but we weren’t served with a marshmallow on stick that we could dip in a chocolate fountain anymore.

I cannot remember if the trivia-filled locker was there during my first time, but I learned something: vanilla is the world’s most popular aroma. This room also has a shoutout wall where you can pick placards to express what you’re fighting for.

The third room, the largest one, is divided into four parts: half of the room consisted of candy canes, 10 percent bubble gums, 10 percent milkshakes, and 30 percent macarons. The pink door from the second room will lead you to the pink candy cane pathway; otherwise, it will be the green-blue ones.

Here’s are my pictures from the bubble gum and milkshake parts of the room.


One of the new installments is the Macaron Tea Party. Though smaller than the candy cane part, it brings a new spot for the Dessert Museum, attracting both old and new customers.

Of course, desserts. However, you may only choose one: a candy cane or a cotton candy. (Why not a bubble gum or a macaron?)

Banana Beach, again a new installation, reminded me of my favorite artist Hunghang Flashbacks. Swim in a pool of plastic bananas while enjoying the half-sliced chocolate-coated real one.

The next one replaced a portion of the gummy bear room before. To be honest, this one’s a bit off the theme, as I’m not sure about the dessert being focused. (What’s the huge lips for? If I remember it correctly, these were the lips from the heart chocolate part of the museum before, but in this case, it seemed to be a filler.) Sorry, I wasn’t able to take pictures of the huge gum machine, but here’s my brother enjoying the time of his life with yellow balloons.

The Bewitched Bakery gave me Lover feels, that’s for sure.

Then, the Pinata Pit. I haven’t seen a real pinata, but after some research, I learned that it’s from Mexico and it seemed to be their version of Pukpok Palayok during birthday parties. And now that I think of it, the mango ice cream as our dessert was not aligned to the room’s dessert theme, but the TDM team probably settled with that since the room was filled with orange and yellow.


Lastly, the cake pops room. They added a huge bowl filled with plastic balls and covered the hanging choco lollipops with pastel-colored cloths. You may also play basketball if you like.

You may claim your pictures taken by their official photographer and buy merchandise from their very colorful store. They also have a lab!

Favorite Picture

The Dessert Museum
10:00 a.m.–9:00 p.m.
S’Maison, Seaside Boulevard, Coral Way, Pasay

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