When Is the Best Day to Post on WordPress

I’ve always wondered if there were a good day and time to post on social media, and well, there is. Yearly, data-gathering websites study online users’ pattern of posting on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Based on Sprout Social, here are the best times and dates to post on your social media platforms in 2019:

  • Facebook: Wednesday from 11:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.
  • Twitter: Wednesday and Friday at 9:00 a.m.
  • Instagram: Wednesday and Friday at 11:00 a.m.

I tried my own experiment here on WordPress to see what day is the best to post. The number of clicks is my dependent variable, the day is my independent, and time is my controlled.

Scope and Limitations

This experiment will only focus on the best day, from Monday to Saturday, to post on my WordPress blog, which has followers mostly from the Philippines. Since I assumed that readers are more enthusiastic to see posts each week and not every day, each blog was posted on a different week always at 5:00 p.m, the time where students and employees usually go home.

The blogs all covered travel and food and none of my government rants and sentimental reminiscence for theme consistency; I still write about different topics, but I do not share them on my Facebook page. Although all were about the beautiful places I have gone to, the location of these venues may have also affected viewers’ preferences (i.e., a post about a place near Metro Manila may have gotten more views than a cafe in Cainta, my hometown).

Since I link my posts to my Twitter account and Facebook page, the number of clicks may have been affected by my fluctuating number of followers on these accounts. I also have no control if the establishment manager or owner shared my post, thus expanding the audience range. However, I did not avail of any advertising strategies to promote my posts.

I excluded Sunday because I was not able to schedule one and the hiatus may have affected the number of clicks.


The following posts were written beforehand and then scheduled to be published at 5:00 p.m. on different days:

Monday: A Simple Staycation at La Bella Boutique Hotel
Tuesday: Pixcone: Ice Cream, Anyone?
Wednesday: Travel Plans and Coffee Combo at Era Travel Cafe
Thursday: Love Cakes? Visit Bunny Baker
Friday: Dessert Museum: Sweeter the Second Time Around
Saturday: Experience Southern Europe at Venice Grand Canal Mall

They were immediately cross-posted on my Twitter and Facebook page account. I gathered data as recorded from WordPress’s stats, but I only included the number of clicks within seven days after the first day of posting.


Number of Clicks per Blog Title

Based on the table above, Tuesday had the most clicks on the first day and the most clicks overall. Saturday had a low click turnout at first, but it was consistently viewed throughout the week, therefore gaining the second spot.

Conclusion and Recommendations

Based on this experiment, the best day to post on WordPress is on Tuesday. However, the results may be different if given the opportunity to advertise. Testing it on different times of the day, along with Sunday, is also recommended to obtain a different outcome, although this may mean 24 × 7 = 168 posts about travel and food, which may be very costly to the researcher.

4 thoughts on “When Is the Best Day to Post on WordPress

  1. Je-anne, you’re so cute. :) ^_^ I enjoyed your data gathering ^_^ and just the whole thought of experimenting on this. :)


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