Jottings About Sea Games

Because I am tired of people seeing things in black and white.

You can support athletes and verify news before posting and start seeing good stuff about the Sea Games and criticize the lapses that have been made. You cannot deny how disappointing it is to see handwritten and unpleasing pub materials, read stories of athletes being removed from the roster because of dirty politics, hear about unfinished venues and kikiam being served as breakfast and crammed transportation, know that they focused on a 50 million cauldron instead of allocating this amount somewhere else.

At the same time, there are some pub mats done well, the athletes’ uniforms were ready, some venues (e.g., Muntinlupa Sports Complex, the Philippine Arena in Bocaue) were more than prepared compared with the venues here in Manila, halal food was served already, and the athletes are doing their best for our country. (Inasmuch as I would like to give positive comments about how well prepared the one in Pampanga is, it actually displaced aetas and, to me, disrespected their ancestral domains.)

Stop making excuses for Cayetano. At the same time, let us not engage in ad hominem arguments.

It’s not about “I’d rather support the government than spread negativity” but rather acknowledging what needs to be improved and what deserves the praise. I’m sure that because of the criticisms, the teams for each venue are acting as quickly as they can. Kumbaga, the event has its own strengths to commend and weaknesses to criticize. Retain what worked, improve from feedback. Isn’t it supposed to be like that?

What are your thoughts?

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