Cosplaying Characters in Hunghang Flashbacks

I owe it to Drew Borja, artist of Hunghang Flashbacks, that I now find myself following and actively supporting other artists. Unlike before where I only “like” their works, now I buy their merch, follow them, and share their works.

I just find most of his comics relatable and funny; he knew what pulled the heartstrings of this generation. Last October 2018, I cosplayed XX for our office’s Halloween party, but since there were no mint green wigs available in department stores, I settled for blue-green.

It was not until this Halloween that I decided to buy more accurate wigs for HHFB’s Shy, Pretty Girl, and XX. (E kasi si A. Alba na si GF, no need for cosplays. I tried . . . pero mahirap maghanap ng short mint green wig . . . and it still feels wrong, ewan ko ba. The power of GF.)


I can relate to Shy a lot—introvert, says curses when she feels extreme emotions. Also, sorry XX-Crush shippers, but I want her to end up with Crush, just for the reason that Crush and Shy’s love story would be . . . unexpected. (I look forward to it, but I don’t want to read it . . . do you get me? Tipong I’m okay with hints that they’ll end up together.) I wore her casual outfit. Ang hirap maghanap ng fuchsia blouse na may black peter pan collar, e.

Pretty Friend

She’s the least I could relate to—pretty but thinks about food a lot. Naghanap pa ako ng banana chips para sa kanya because that’s the only way I can portray her. In this light, I can relate to XX who is at times insecure of Pretty Friend (I mean, that’s human, right? To want what you don’t have? Sad emoji.)


XX, because she’s the female twin of XY. She’s quirky, is a bit insecure (and I hope she would see what Beanie could see in her), and will generally do anything for love. Segue, when I was in high school, I get confused with XX and XY. So for those having a hard time in biology, what made me remember that men have XY chromosomes is may lawit kasi yung Y.

I’m not sure why my set of pictures for XX appeared to have a blue hue. Maybe because of the jacket I was wearing. Anyway, XX special:

Buy Hunghang Flashbacks 2, available in bookstores nationwide. Support local artists, buy their works or merch, and don’t copy their works—for heaven’s sake—and then own them or repost their works without permission. CTTO isn’t enough. Just retweet or share the original post.

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