Leave Them Alone

I’ll react on this issue because I’m a fan of Nadine Lustre. I wasn’t before, even didn’t care about love teams in general, but the aura that she radiated in her interviews was very, very attractive that I got hooked. Tipong, “Wow, she looks so strong.”  It was contagious, and I want that positive energy in my life. Tapos she’s an LGBTQ ally pa.

Anyway, una sa lahat, ano ba, Twitter? Alam ko in-off ko na yung trending topics, but I still see the names of people “concerned” in this issue. But of course, kahit naman hindi ko pansinin, speculations are being retweeted.

Pangalawa, affected ako. But if they say it was for the best version of themselves, then okay. I’ll continue stanning Nadine.

Pangatlo . . . ah, bahala kayo. People love molding the truth to suit their purposes. I’ve seen people who have used “pero artista sila at kailangan nila i-clarify ‘yon” and “leave them alone, tao rin sila” kung kailan lang nila gusto. Hindi sanay ang mga tao sa mga breakup na maayos, sa mga breakup na decided at pinagusapan nang maigi ng dalawang mature na tao . . . and it shows.

It clearly shows.

Paano natitiis ng mga tao ang mangtsismis? Bakit kasi kailangan lagi na may issue? Bawal ang peaceful breakups? Na kailangan hanapan talaga ng kuwento ang mga bagay-bagay? Na hindi na lang respetuhin yung statement nila? Yung desisyon nila?

In Pres. Nadine Lustre’s voice, “C’mon, guys. It’s 2020.” Leave them alone and respect their space.

What are your thoughts?

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