Renovating My Room Was the Best Decision I Made Last 2019

This was supposed to be a part of my “How I Got My Shit Together Last 2019” blog, but I decided against it after realizing that it took half of the post.

Anyway, last year, I decided to spend the last of what I had saved in my room. Judge my financial decisions all you want (because I haven’t fully arisen from my 2016 YOLO year), but I carefully and vigorously planned my “room transformation” wherein, by the end of the year, I still had some money left. (I don’t recommend a full renovation if budget is scarce. In my case, I divided my tasks and allocated money per month. Patience is key.)

Removing “Uninspiring” Furniture and Items

I first gathered all the clothes I wasn’t using anymore and the books I have read but didn’t intend to keep, and sold them on Carousell and Facebook. This gave me extra money to buy the stuff I needed for my room renovation.

My room also had a huge cabinet that stored stuff my family wanted to “keep.” These were items that were rarely used or were used a long, long time ago (i.e., my parents’ books and projects, outdated encyclopedias and dictionaries). I asked my father to help me find a junk shop that could pick these up and dismantle this gigantic cabinet that literally took half of my room’s floor space.

I slept in the living room for two months.

Renovating My Room

For those whose rooms look the way they want them to, I envy you. My room temporarily became a storeroom when I was still renting an apartment in Quezon City for my past job.

So after getting rid of these “uninspiring” items, I began renovating the actual room. This was important since I intended to have a home office and stay in my room more often. The renovation took months to complete (vital renovations were completed by March, but the rest was a work-in-progress throughout the year), as I didn’t buy all the items immediately.

Painting My Interiors

I started with a bucket of paint (living coral) from Ace Hardware for my wall, a pint of white quick-drying enamel for my doors, a small brush for corners, and a roller brush. The paint sprayer from O shopping purchased by my father also helped a lot.

I thought I was going to save money by painting the room myself, but I might have been wrong. So yes, I did do it on my own, but I don’t recommend this, especially without prior experience. It was a lesson I had to learn: Hire professionals or ask for help.

Later in the year, when I already had another job, I decided to repaint the walls to Belgian waffle from Rain or Shine because living coral felt too warm for everyday use. I suggest that you factor in the climate and choose cool colors if the sun always hits your room.

Purchasing and Organizing Items

This was what I was most excited about since day 1. I got inspiration from Pinterest and selected which ones I can do to my 9.5 ft by 8.25 ft room.

Closet. I chose a light-colored wood-like closet to stay neutral and ensured that it had (1) a place for hanging my casual clothes; (2) five shelves, each for shirts, shorts, pants and swimwear, brassieres and handkerchiefs, and other pieces of linens (i.e., towels, curtains, bedsheets); and (3) two drawers, each for my panties and socks.

  • I used different hanger designs for each type of clothing: jackets, blazers, dresses, skirts, office blouses, casual tops, sandos.
  • I bought dividers for my shelves (so I could use the entire space) and organizers for my underwear and socks.

Dresser. My dresser matched the color of my closet. It was important that it had a mirror and some drawers where I could safely place my skin-care products.

  • I bought organizer-holders for my rings, earrings, and bracelets. I didn’t purchase a new necklace holder since I own one already, which I bought last 2017 in Landmark, Makati.
  • The container for my brushes and combs was bought from National Book Store.
  • I used one of Mama’s wooden boxes for my watches.
  • All the books I wanted to keep are placed under the dresser. I sold the rest. (I now read through Kindle.)
  • One drawer contains my cosmetics, the other for toiletries.
  • Because I’m often paranoid, I keep stocks of pantyliners and napkins. These, along with other unused toiletries.

Home office. I was extremely thrilled to buy stuff for my home office, even though I knew it would only comprise a desk and a few laptop accessories.

  • For easy access (since I often use them), I placed my pens, pencils and a pair of scissors in a small metal pail I bought from the party section of a department store.
  • I thought that a USB hub attached to a headphone stand was a good investment. Since it was expensive, I bought it during the 11.11 sale.
  • A wireless mouse, which I bought from PC Hub’s store, helped me minimize the wire clutter; plus, I can bring it anywhere.
  • I also purchased a mouse pad, a laptop fan (used item from Carousell), and a laptop cover for my Dell Inspiron 7370 (8th Gen) to complete my setup.
  • The microphone was a gift.
  • The small box was for flash drives and SSD memory drives. This was from Shopee, but I can no longer link it here since I deleted my account after the Blackpink meet-and-greet hullabaloo.
  • My art materials are stored in my drawer.

Display and other stuff. Of course, I had items that were still useful, and throwing them away would be a waste. For example, since I only have a few bound books left, I just turned my bookshelf into a shoe rack (only two boxes were allotted for my shoes since I don’t own too many) and placed dividers to maximize space. 

  • I made sure that I had one pair of sneakers, gifted last 2016; training shoes for my exercise routine; sandals and slippers for my beach trips; black shoes, which I can use for both formal and casual events; rubber shoes and boots, which I can use whenever I hang out.
  • I bought two sets of curtains (for variety), three sets of bed covers (so I could change them every week), a coaster (so I could place my drink beside me whenever I work without the fear of leaving stains on the desk) from a department store. The curtain tiebacks were from Shopee (but again, I deleted my account).
  • Other items are placed on the last compartment.
  • I made sure that my files are secured well in a folder, and pictures in a photo album. All of these are neatly placed in organizers from National Bookstore.
  • For Maki, I bought a guitar stand from a local music shop.

Effect in Everyday Life

I’ve been sleeping in this room for more than 20 years, but this is the only time I can say that I’m happy with it. It’s really different when you have the capability to decide for yourself, ano? I chose all the colors, linens, accessories, and furniture myself, so if they didn’t work, I was accountable. Doing this also helped me manage not only my finances but also my impulsive-buying tendencies. Hindi lang basta may bagong makikitang item sa market, kukunin na. Iisipin ko muna, “Meron pa naman ako nito sa bahay.” 

Now waking up and getting to bed have become more tolerable.

3 thoughts on “Renovating My Room Was the Best Decision I Made Last 2019

  1. Mej natawa ako kung bat ka nag-delete ng Shopee account 😂

    Ramdam ko pagka-OC mo ‘te. Iniisip ko pa lang mga ginawa mo, napapagod na ko. Lol. Pero ramdam ko rin yung fulfilment nung naayos mo na. Ganito rin kasi balak ko dati nung bagong lipat kami rito sa Novaliches. Eh kaso marami kami so walang chance na magkaroon ng solong kwarto. Saka wala rin naman ako so what’s the point? 🤣 Pero ang ganda ng room mo uwu.


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