Mood-Healing Restaurant in Maginhawa: Van Gogh Is Bipolar

One of the restaurants in my “to go to” list was Van Gogh Is Bipolar in Quezon City. It was a restaurant inspired by the prominent post-impressionist artist Van Gogh, who was, in fact, bipolar. I knew about it when a colleague posted a picture on Instagram, but after some research, I decided against going, as the prices didn’t fit my budget and commuting to Quezon City was horrible. A week before my birthday, I finally went for it.

How to Go to Van Gogh Is Bipolar

We went there via Grab, but you can get there via public transportation as long as you know how to get to Philcoa, Quezon City. If you’re coming from Cainta, Taytay, and other East areas like me, you can ride a Crossing Ilalim jeep and then take either a bus going to SM Fairview or the MRT toward North Ave. For the former, tell the driver to drop you off at Philcoa; for the latter, once you get off the MRT station, look for the jeepney terminal and line up for Philcoa. Once you get to Philcoa, look for the tricycle terminal. Line up for the red ones (special) and tell them to take you to 154 Maginhawa.

What to Expect in Van Gogh Is Bipolar

You can dine in one of the two areas of Van Gogh Is Bipolar: Light and Dark. I’m not sure what Light looks like, as there was a workshop when we arrived.

Dark was ornamental and . . . relatable, I must say. I have had depression episodes, and as much as I would love to look at every word on the wall, I was afraid of triggers. I was able to feel manic, the rush of creating something. Later I learned from an article that the owner Jetro Vin Rafael had the same mental disorder as Van Gogh’s. He was there during our stay, and he seemed ecstatic to meet us, informing that we could write letters and place them inside the designated boxes.

What to Eat in Van Gogh Is Bipolar

Upon finding a seat, a “lifesaver” will explain you their menu. Take time to read what they offer. They have five feasts: classic (Php 999 per head), experience (Php 1,250 per head), signature (Php 1,750 per head), lovers (Php 3,850 for two), and great supper (Php 2,750 per head). Our was lovers, which consists of four courses: soup, appetizer, salad, main course, and dessert. Buko juice with chia seeds and a glass of wine were also served.

Before you eat, you will be asked to clean your hands with baking soda and vinegar and then rinse them with warm water. You don’t have to go to the washroom; the lifesaver will bring the needed materials to you.

The appetizer was interesting. It was a “ritual” in Van Gogh Is Bipolar that you have to take their Axl Rose egg shot (which consists of raw egg yolk, tamarind puree, sea salt, chili flakes, honey, and Jägermeister) and then say “salud,” a Spanish word equivalent for toast.

Once you’ve finished the five courses, tea is offered. You choose your tea based on the mood you want to be healed. (Since I was often feeling anxious, I chose light chill.) Also, if you choose lovers feast, you can have one box of your preferred tea.

Favorite Picture

Van Gogh Is Bipolar
Inner Courtyard 154 Maginhawa Street, 1103 Quezon City

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