What’s Hot and What’s Not about La Cathedral Cafe in Intramuros (Plus Jones Bridge Side Trip)

A week before my birthday, we had this sudden urge to try La Cathedral Cafe in Intramuros. It looked pretty in Facebook posts, plus the cafe was a hype. Things got disappointing at some point though, and then it got better.

How to Go to La Cathedral Cafe

Coming from the East, ride a G-liner bus going to Quiapo and tell the driver to drop you off at SM Manila. It was a two-hour ride, so we decided to decline the hundred-peso tricycle trip and walk toward Intramuros instead, with Google maps as a guide (you can ask around if you want). Then, we hired a pedicab driver to drop us off at La Cathedral Cafe.

What to Expect at La Cathedral Cafe

It was a Sunday, and I understood how busy they were. What I didn’t expect was the two-hour waiting time (yes, two hours) to get seats. Seats pa lang ‘yon, wala pa yung pagkain. But since we had nowhere to go to, we patiently waited. So if you’re planning to visit La Cathedral on weekends, either you reconsider your options or you charge your phones to keep yourself entertained while waiting.

We arrived at 8 p.m., hoping that people were about to finish their dinner, but unfortunately, the venue was still crowded. Beverages are ordered on the first floor, while the restaurant itself is on the roof-deck.

Quite frankly, I was a bit disappointed with the management of the cafe. The hanging roses were messily taped on the ceiling, and the comfort room was not “comforting,” so to speak. But here’s the thing: the staff were nice. I could sense the tension and impatience among some customers, but they kept smiling amid the exhaustion, entertaining inquiries from approaching customers.

Maybe I’ll try going there on weekdays when they aren’t too jam-packed.

What to Eat at La Cathedral Cafe

Their frappes were okay, a 7/10; mine was mocha frappe worth Php 150 (I go for mocha whenever I am hungry and afraid of my lactose intolerance). Although they served our beverages 10–15 minutes after we ordered, it was not as creamy when it was our time to sit at the roof-deck. I was already hungry and disappointed, thinking that if the food didn’t taste good, I might throw tantrums (elsewhere, of course, not confident to do that in front of many people).

But the food was surprisingly good, and it was able to keep me silent about my frustration and forget them for a bit. We ordered beef steak (Php 250) and chicken caldereta (Php 205), both must-trys in La Cathedral. It didn’t disappoint, both a 9/10.

How to Go Jones Bridge

Beside La Cathedral Cafe is Beaterio Street. Walk straight ahead until you see Colegio de San Juan de Letran. Turn right to Muralla Street until you see the exit toward Anda Street. You will be able to see Jones Bridge as soon as you get to the end.

I’ll go here again another time, probably when it’s about sunset (I heard the golden hour highlights its beauty even more).

Favorite Picture

La Cathedral Cafe
8:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m., 4:00 p.m. to 11:00 p.m. (roof-deck)
98 Cabildo St, Intramuros, Manila

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