PH Online Classes Issues

This was supposed to be a tweet, tapos naging thread, at sa sobrang haba, ginawa ko na lang blog. Here are my takes on some issues re PH online classes na hindi ko na kayang sikmurain.

Rudeness to Teachers

People have to understand that every teacher has their own comfortable teaching strategy and philosophy, kaya may iba talaga na nahihirapan sa sitwasyon ngayon. It breaks my heart to see rude comments about teachers who struggle with technology. I’ve taught in a public school, and promise, although mas mabilis ang magtayp sa computer, may iba talaga na mas kumportable sa pagsusulat. Tulad sa artists: others would still use real physical media, while others are more comfortable using their tablets to create art.

Technology is developing, alam ko naman ‘yon. Buti sana if our country is as rich as first-world countries, pero hindi, e. Some teachers might have graduated by entering computer shops; not all are privileged to have their own laptops and personal computers. At hindi biro ang sanayin ang sarili sa isang gawain dahil mas sanay ka sa isa pa. It takes months and years of training.

Please be kind. Kahit nga ang mga tech savvy educators, hirap din. Iba talaga kapag face-to-face because body language and facial expressions are real time.

Poorly Prepared Resources

The educational sector has not foreseen this, at ramdam na ramdam ko ang pressure sa content creators and evaluators. No one was ready for this pandemic. DepEd has only less than five months to plan.

But the start of classes was postponed, kaya sana the materials will be more thoroughly checked. Sobrang hirap, though. Well-reviewed textbooks take more than a year, at mas rigid and tedious process unlike publishing fiction novels. Kahit na sabihin mong “online scripts” ang gagamiting different evaluators have to ensure the accuracy of content, curriculum compliance, social relevance (i.e., the examples should reflect current societal issues), appropriateness of language (i.e., the language used should be suitable for the intended grade level), etc. These evaluators must be experts in their own fields, so most likely, especially for pedagogy, dapat teachers din ang mag-e-evaluate.

Again, that’s another plate for some teacher-evaluators. Sometimes, they can get evaluators from private schools, pero ibang-iba ang classroom environment ng private sa public, mind you. Hay, pahinging time for all stakeholders.

Lack of Resources for Students

Others push for academic freeze, which may have been the best solution, but I read somewhere that this will damage the country in the long run. And I wonder if it’s the “best” solution if our president only plans to wait for a vaccine. (So kailan magiging tama ang panahon para umpisahan ulit ang academic year?)

On the other hand, many students are also struggling to find their resources; I’ve seen countless of G-cash accounts and precious book collections to save for a laptop. Just now, I saw a post selling his book collection. I retweeted it, so kung may kakilala kayo, please help the guy. May 548 Heartbeats and other first-gen Pop Fiction releases pa nga siya, kaya alam mong isa siya sa mga early collectors. Sobrang nakalulungkot that they have to let go of the items that bring them happiness in exchange for a laptop. If the start of classes is to be pushed through, authorities have to ensure that students have their resources. Or else, anong sense? Para lang ma-push through?

On that note, sobrang nakakagalit and ginawa ng Bureau of Corrections. Sana binigay na lang nila sa mga students ang mga laptop na sinira lang nila. Hay! Di ko na lang alam kung nananadya silang manggalit.


Sobrang heart-breaking.

Mapapa-“e, kung Sana nag-travel ban kasi kaagad sa first announcement of the outbreak, we could have used our archipelagic advantage” ka na lang. But we could only move forward. Important talaga ang accurate tests and plans with concrete solutions. As for us citizens, continue to remain inside our homes (unless importante ang errand). If we want to see the end of this challenging period, we need to stay hopeful, aware, and empathetic.

What are your thoughts?

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