Ugh “Forever the Dirty Supporters”

I logged in on Facebook to check for writing jobs but immediately deactivated after I got distracted by posts under news articles. Iba talaga ang mundo ng Facebook, ano? Isama mo pa ang mga relatives ko who keep on sharing Marcos and Duterte stuff (pero kapag babasahin mo, alam mong hindi credible dahil mali-mali ang grammar) via private message⁠—yes, grabe the effort⁠—maybe with the intention of “enlightening” me. I just ignore them. I answered them once, but they kept on throwing statements like “kamay na bakal na ang kailangan ng Pilipinas,” “maganda at tahimik ang Pilipinas no’ng panahon ni Marcos,” “minalas lang si Duterte dahil tumapat sa pandemic pero best president talaga siya.” Hay. Nakaka-drain. I just ignore them already. Dahil parang nakikipagusap na lang ako sa pader. Some are not paid trolls. There are people who will still be okay with this regime, sadly. May nakita akong “I’m not protecting Duterte, I’m protecting the nation,” even though this person is clearly defending the incompetency of this administration. Minsan nakaka-tempt sumagot, but at this point and they still support the current administration, it means that they stand with Duterte’s philosophy: discipline through fear. And is that wrong? To us, yes, and that there is an alternative, which is effectively done by some authorities like Mayor Vico Sotton and Vice President Leni Robredo. But to them, no. Siguro gano’n ang kinalakihan nila, and they believe that this kind of discipline made them “good” people. This is how they are educated, and only if they are able to step on the shoes of the poor and the hungry will they be enlightened.

What are your thoughts?

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