Cosplaying Angela from MLBB

So I got pulled into cosplaying after dressing up as Melanie Martinez during our office Halloween party and started saving a part of my salary for this expensive hobby. I was seriously considering to study sewing, but thinking that this might hinder the time I use for writing and editing (plus skill takes time . . . and I don’t have much time), I stepped back. Besides, leaving the crafting to the professionals not only ensures me high-quality items but also helps their business grow.

Anyway, so this year, I decided to cosplay Angela, my main hero on Mobile Legends, since there’s also an MLBB event I wanted to join. I got silver the first time I played her (didn’t read her skills haha), but Angela got me the most golds and MVPs during my next games. My game style consists of “shit, I’m scared . . . hit from the back” and “I won’t let you get away, not when we outnumber you,” so she’s one of the heroes I have an easy time playing with. I could also say I have good map-awareness skills and the extreme desire to help another player get a kill (although I often steal the kill when I panic-click my first skill, that’s why “sorry” is one of my first quick chats).

Also her lines: “Stop staring at me. Watch out for neck problems,” “Stay in a good mood . . . every day!” “It’s my job to help people,” and “Abra kadabra! Keep smiling!” are lines I would also say. Haha.

P.S. On another note, other female heroes are hard to cosplay because they have a big front.

You can also watch my YouTube video where I play as Angela. Sino kayang next na iko-cosplay ko? Hmm.

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