Kawaii Dresses by Dolly Kaye

I came across Dolly Kaye Dresses on Twitter, and being a huge fan of Lolita dresses (as you can obviously see in A Miracle), I checked her Instagram page and had two dresses customized:

My best friend and I had the same interests (we’re best friends after all), so I requested a customized dress as a birthday and Christmas gift:

Of course, I had mine too.

Her sister, who was my classmate in preparatory school, joined as well (I took seventh grade classes, that’s why):

More pictures of the beautiful sisters (of course, I’m the proud photographer):

Sisters from another mother, perhaps?

Trio pictures:

This is partly Taylor Swift’s fault. Now we’re dreaming of a cottagecore photoshoot. Haha.

The three of us were already planning to travel out of town last 2020, but our plans got canceled because of the pandemic. But we’re fine with room photoshoots than photoshoots outside and get free COVID, you know. (Maybe some other time, probably when the vaccine’s out.)

Thanks, Dolly Kaye! Check her Instagram page by clicking on this link.

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