Your Friendly Al Fresco Cafe: One Line Cafe

When I was already decided to pursue on my passion project Kape Tayo, Rizal, my first agenda was to find the nearest coffee shop from my home. And voila, I found One Line Cafe, which was only a walk from our house. I learned about this through browsing our homeowners’ Facebook page and was surprised that this beautiful cafe existed inside our subdivision.

How to Go to One Line Cafe

From Valley Golf along Ortigas Extension Avenue, ride a Phase 3 shuttle service and ask them to drop you off at One Line Cafe. You may also opt to ride a tricycle, but they would only drop you off at the gate of Phase 3; from here, use Google Maps to walk toward your destination.

What to Expect at One Line Cafe

One Line Cafe is an outdoor coffee shop, filled with greens and browns. There are several instagrammable spots here, but my favorite was the one with a signage. I went here at 2:00 p.m., so there were only a few customers by then, allowing me to take pictures around. By 4:00 p.m., people slowly occupied the place.

Aside from the food, what I liked about this place was their staff. When one of them saw me taking pictures of myself using a tripod, she volunteered to capture my photos and even asked me to pose at different spots in the cafe. Such a kind-hearted staff!

What to Eat at One Line Cafe

I ordered their best-sellers: tapsilog (Php 120) and toffee hazelnut frappe (Php 150). Both were worth my money, especially the tapsilog. If only I had two stomachs, I would have ordered their aglio pasta.

Favorite Picture

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