Chasing Sunsets at Cafe Infinite

The last time I went to an overlooking cafe was when I featured a cafe in Tanay for Kape Tayo, Rizal, which seemed so long ago. Just imagine my excitement when I learned from my friend who recommended Cafe Infinite that one of its features is a generous view of the sunset.

How to Go to Cafe Infinite

Ride any Binangonan Highway or Binangonan-Angono jeep. Better to ride the Binangonan Highway jeep since you will immediately notice the steep road that seems to lead to the higher parts of Angono. If you ride the latter, go down at Iglesia ni Cristo and then go to the other side of the triangle road.

There are tricycles there that could lead you to Cafe Infinite, but since some drivers don’t know the name of the cafe itself, just mention “the cafe by Don Mariano Santos Ave.” Do not rely too much on Google Maps and prefer to be on a lookout for Cafe Infinite on the other side of the road since their location in Google Maps seem to be their former location.

For commuters like me, I suggest that you arrive at four and then leave at six since the tricycles at night are quite rare.

What to Expect in Cafe Infinite

Cafe Infinite is also a roadside cafe, meaning cyclists—especially those who like steep roads, also called ahon—are welcome. It is open 24/7, which makes it an ideal cafe for those who take on random adventures, whether they would like to catch the sunrise, have a coffee break during a noon joyride, enjoy the warm hues of the sunset, or be sentimental and romantic under the stars.

The cafe has two parts—the part where the baristas are and another part set lower than the ground level. Since the tables on the roadside part were already taken, I chose to stay in the lower part of the cafe where I was able to enjoy my food and the sunset alone. At least I was able to pose without shame; I didn’t even need a filter to achieve that golden hues.

The images above show what Cafe Infinite looks at night. Indeed, very “instagrammable.”

You just have to be updated with the weather during the day. In my case, I was just glad that I was able to hail a tricycle before the heavy rain fell.

What to Eat in Cafe Infinite

I ordered their best-selling tapsilog (PhP 149), cheese fries (PhP 69), and macademia nut latte (PhP 89). The sauce of their tapsilog was sweet, but the meat itself was quite hard to chew. But I highly recommend their macademia nut latte and cheese fries. This pair gave me a good time as I watched the sunset.

Learn more about my filterless experience in Cafe Infinite through my post in Kape Tayo, Rizal.

Favorite Picture

Cafe Infinite
Open 24/7
Don Mariano Santos Ave., Angono, Rizal

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