“It is not fear that forces you to do well. It is empathy.”

I saw a Twitter post last week about how the author of the tweet experienced his script (his job was in the film industry) thrown to him. Grabe, ano? May hindi talaga makapag-adapt sa isang society full of empathy. Gusto nila ‘yung may hierarchy para sila ang nasa power, sila ang tinitingala. You know you can be a leader without scaring your subordinates, right? Doon sa tweet, nakasulat ‘to: “It is not fear that forces you to do well. It is empathy.”

Naalala ko lang how I feared my parents so much. Kaya nga my escape was through writing, e. My first novel was about me going to another world, having twenty-three other “souls” (they’re just different versions of me, actually) who understand me, and saving another world haha. ‘Yung gusto ko bida-bida ako sa kuwento ko . . . kasi doon na lang ako bida, alam n’yo ‘yon? Doon ako safe. Na at least doon, napapahalagahan ang opinyon ko.

Feeling ko talaga traumatized children din ang mga Isekai authors, e, chz.

Dati, I was a believer of discipline through fear. Kaya nga, admittedly, I was okay with dictatorship before (buti na lang talaga I learned so much). Kasi naisip ko, “Bakit ako, okay naman ako lumaki?” But as time passed by, I slowly realized that I was not a fine product as I thought I was. In a large group, I was often afraid to speak out dahil takot ako na baka mali ang sasabihin ko. There’s also this desire of standing out but not wanting to stand out, you know what I mean? Like you want to impress people, but at the same time you don’t want to attract people. Tipong I came to a point na napatanong na lang ako who was I impressing to begin with? Tapos when I failed, I was looked down upon by the people I was trying so hard to impress.

My parents have changed. And I love them even more, I admit, when they’re not the terror parents I knew when I was young. Pero the scars are still here.

Anyway, no’ng nag-aaral ako ng education, I learned that the philosophies in parenting can be applied to teaching. Do’n ko na-realize that whatever I learned from terror teachers were gone. Siguro ang natira na lang sa ‘kin ay ang learning na I don’t want to be like them. I don’t want to be the reason why a human being regrets their decisions in life just because they enrolled in my class.

Ayun lang. Isa na naman pong Twitter thread ang naging blog dahil ang dami kong gustong i-eme.

What are your thoughts?

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