June Pasyal with Friends since Elementary School

I know it’s already October, but there were just so many things to prioritize that I almost forgot I had a blog—or basically a platform where I keep my pictures.

Anyway, I’ve been friends with Nini and Mic since 2005. We were classmates when we were Grade 5, and although I transferred to a science high school, our friendship stayed intact. Now years after, one of us is going (it’s went now, actually) abroad, hoping to leave this country permanently. I am happy for her, especially with the state of this country. But before she left us, we had planned our Manila getaway.

Our first destination was Manila Ocean Park. I’m not sure if there were new attractions, but it looked the same the last time I went.

Then we proceeded to Sofitel Manila to check in and rest for a while before jumping to our next adventure—The Dessert Museum. I had been to this museum a lot of times, but I suggested this because I knew my granddaughter would enjoy the experience.

The next day, we went to Dreamplay. I was awed with the aesthetics of the place. Since I only had a sighting ticket, I couldn’t play and go inside some rooms, which was fine since most of the activities were for kids. I definitely want to go back here for more pictures hehe.

We didn’t do much during our last day. We just enjoyed the last few hours swimming in the hotel’s pool, watched a movie and ate at Ichiba in Newport Mall, and strolled around BGC.

Here is my vlog on Youtube, which is basically just a collage of video clips I took. (Now I’m hungry because I saw our food pics at Ichiban. Huhu.)

What are your thoughts?

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