Rizal’s First Ever Self-Shoot Studio: Ssoluz Cafe and Studio

I have mentioned in my previous blog (and vlog) that I went to Ssoluz Cafe and Studio to celebrate Kape Tayo, Rizal’s first anniversary. Here, I will detail more of my experience in the Ssoluz itself, the first self-shoot studio cafe in Rizal.

How to Go to Ssoluz Cafe and Studio

From McDonald’s Valley Golf, Ortigas Extension, I walked through the narrow alley of Gen. A. Ricarte until I saw the tricycle terminal. I told the tricycle driver to drop me off at the building in front of San Isidro Elementary School. Tricycle fare was about 50 to 60 pesos (wew, twice the pamasahe before) from the terminal.

What to Expect in Ssoluz Cafe and Studio

Ssoluz cafe is a simple casual cafe with warm lighting, white-painted walls, and wooden furniture, which all emanate a cozy vibe. There were no sockets, but there was Wi-Fi. The highlight of their cafe, aside from their self-shoot studio, was their wall filled with pictures from their patrons. They also have a few tables outside for an al fresco dining experience.

I wanted to have a studio picture of me celebrating this special occasion, which was one of the reasons I decided to go to Ssoluz. I availed of their cheapest package worth PhP 399 wherein I had to choose two images for them to print out, but I added another PhP 300 so I could have all the digital copies.

The staff told me when it was my turn. Instructions were easy to understand: click the remote control, do NOT touch the camera, do NOT lean on the backdrop. In the studio were three blocks with different heights and a wooden stool to use as props. I was given 20 minutes to take my pictures and then another 10 minutes to choose which ones to print.

What to Eat in Ssoluz Cafe and Studio

I ordered their tuna pesto (PhP 120) and caramel macchiato (PhP 110) as I waited for the printed pictures and the digital copies. Loved their meals. Taste was just right for both—not too salty and not too sweet either.

Favorite Picture

Learn more about my filterless experience in Ssoluz Cafe and Studio through my post in Kape Tayo, Rizal.

Ssoluz Cafe and Studio
10 a.m. to 10 p.m.
U-301, Ssoluz Cafe and Studio, 3F 27 P. Ocampo, Taytay, 1920 Rizal

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