Anime Shows I Watched This 2022

Hahabol lang bago mag-Bagong Taon! For real, inumpisahan ko ‘tong blog ng “Kaunti lang ang napanood ko this year” pero nang nag-umpisa na akong maglista, nagulat ako na mas marami pala akong napanood this year kaysa other years. Bakit gano’n? Haha.

Again, here is a summary of my ratings:
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ – will rewatch and probably buy my own copy, will recommend and share
⭐⭐⭐⭐½ – will recommend and share
⭐⭐⭐⭐ – good watch, will share
⭐⭐⭐ – a story is better than nothing, will share

I don’t want to give one or two stars, but if ever, the reason will be the following:
⭐⭐ – obvious plot hole
⭐ – huge plot hole; romanticizes and encourages discrimination, historical revisionism, and the like

Blue Period


Superb anime. One of a kind. I really rooted for Yatora, the main character in the series, as I could relate to him in terms of self-assessment. Like me, he would often talk to himself and analyze how he could make his weakness his strength, ask his mentors for pieces of advice, and exhaust himself for something he liked doing. Plus points for the LGBTQ representation. If you are looking for an anime to inspire you to pursue your passion, I highly recommend Blue Period.

Komi Can’t Communicate (Seasons 1 and 2)


End of 2021 ko ‘to inumpisahan, pero hindi pa kasi tapos that time. Loved this anime. Medyo naiinis lang ako kay Nagiri for forcing Komi to do things immediately. Puwede namang gradual. But anyway, keri lang. Ang hardcore lang talaga ng ibang characters. Fave characters ko si Komi at si Tadano. Ang genuine lang ng friendship nila. Nakaka-miss ang high school (pero hindi rin haha).

Kimetsu no Yaiba – Entertainment District Arc


Di ko maintindihan kung bakit ang daming hate ng Demon Slayer. Haha. Samantalang ako, enjoy na enjoy ko. Anyway, everything was perfect para sa ‘kin. My favorite scene would always be with lower moon 5, but Uzui and Upper Moon 6’s fight was one of the best animated fight scenes of all time. The writing was superb, and I loved how the parallelism between Tanjiro-Nezuko and Gyujiro-Daki was emphasized. The writer made sure na hindi excuse pumatay ng tao kung may sad, pitiful background ka.

Kimetsu no Yaiba – Mugen Train


Ang ganda ng animation ng mga fight scenes talaga sa Kimetso no Yaiba. Pati songs. Ugh. Di naman ako naiyak (dahil minanhid na talaga ako ng Ano Hana), pero I felt the sadness. Mami-miss ko si Rengoku.



Interesting plot. Naiinis lang ako paminsan sa character kasi alam naman niya ‘yung takot niya pero pumupunta pa rin siya mag-isa sa places. Also, the subtle incest is there; weird talaga ng mga may ganoong theme. Anyway, overall, I still liked it.

Attack on Titan (The Final Season Part I)


Bakit kasi may part I pa? Puwede namang hatiin into two different seasons. So weird for me. Anyway, again, gusto ko pagkakasulat ng AOT. One of the best characterizations for me. Sabi ko nga “Good writing. Great conflicts.” Was just sad that there were about five episodes that Eren wasn’t there. And yes, Mikasa, if she prolly said she thought of him as a potential boyfriend, then maybe things would be different.

Classroom of the Elite (Season 1)


Watched this because of the hype for the second season. I thought the protagonist was the same as My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU, but the last episode got me interested with the next season. Looking forward to the next.

Jujutsu Kaisen 0


Ayoko na mag-review. Basta 5 of 5. Charot. Gandang-ganda ako sa Jujutsu Kaisen, sabi ko nga. Nakalinya ‘to sa favorite kong anime, e, pagdating pa naman sa anime e loyalist ako hahaha. Excited ako sa ibang seasons ng Jujutsu Kaisen dahil dito. Please lang, ilabas n’yo na.

The Rising of the Shield Hero (Season 2)


Kamuntikan ko na itigil. It was not as good as the first season kasi walang nagho-hold sa akin to finish. Pero natapos ko pa rin naman. Keri.

The Disastrous Life of Saiki K. (Seasons 1 to 3)


Nagustuhan ko ‘to kahit sobrang independent ng episodes from one another. Nakakatawa kasi bawat character, at talagang napapakulay nila bawat episode. Saiki is a perfect representation of an asexual person, kaya it’s funny to me na may nagshi-ship. I think there was an episode na nag-fan service na lang ang mga writers haha.

My Dress-Up Darling


Although not a super fave, ito talaga ‘yung anime na napa-pursue ako sa cosplaying hobby ko. There were some kilig and funny parts, but I was more interested on how passionate they were in their hobbies. I loved how honest both were. I disliked how the guy only gets flustered on big boobs but only literally panics on a cup A but fully naked woman. Weird lang haha.

Kakegurui (Seasons 1 and 2)


Buti na lang di ako nagbabasa ng reviews kasi madali akong maimpluwensiyahan haha. Ewan, pero I like dark characters. I’ve heard of this anime but didn’t watch it kasi akala ko harem. Now i regret that I watched this now. I loved how unique the characters were kasi. I also had ships, including Mary (the character with the greatest character development) and the president’s twin. So much gxg content. Nakulangan lang ako sa last episode ng Season 2. But loved it pa rin. Hehe.

Cyberpunk: Edgerunners


Alam kong hindi para sa lahat ang Cyberpunk. Warning lang. Hehe. I was busy with work, so I wasn’t able to watch anime for a longtime. Thankful that this was recommend to me (much-needed pain). Cyberunk was unique in a lot of ways, althought I was overwhelmed with the theme at first. Characters and storyline were great. Di ko nalaro ang game, pero nagandahan pa rin ako. After watching, life wasn’t all the more diajoubu. Dito ko nakuha ang favorite line ko for this year: “But you never had to save me. All I ever wanted was for you to live. I don’t matter. I don’t have anything left. You have a dream. I need you to see it through me. That’s my dream. Everything else doesn’t matter.”

Spy x Family (Seasons 1 and 2)


I could say na ito ang favorite anime ko this 2022. Para sa ‘kin, ang nagdala talaga rito ay ‘yung unique personality ng bawat character. Sa season 2, mas independent na ang episodes, like some can stand on its own. But for real, favorite ko for the entire two seasons ang episodes na nando’n si Nightfall. She’s so colorful hahaha.

There, there. Ang dami rin pala. Wala pa rito ang mga series na pinanood ko. Looking forward to watch more next year. Recommendations are welcome!

What are your thoughts?

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