Hi! I am Peach. Though that is not my real name, please call me that.

I consider all my scribbles as love letters—hence the name of my blog site—whether they are posts about places I have gone to, reviews of movies I have watched, poems and anecdotes, or random whatnots. I post every Monday at three in the afternoon, but at times, I just publish them as soon as I write them, especially when I feel too emotional and scheduling posts would somehow “nullify” the feeling. I’m not really into sticking to one theme. Life is too short to limit yourself anyway. So here, you would read topics ranging from shallow rants to the deepest and darkest of my thoughts.

Currently, I am a full-time editor trained in Chicago and Oxford styles. I am also an exclusive author of Pop Fiction, an imprint of Summit Books, and have already published four novels so far: 548 Heartbeats, A Miracle, Siya at Ako, and Siya at Kami. My short stories “1 Message Received” and “Sunshower” are included in Between Now and Ever After and Riderata Anthology, respectively. My readers call themselves Xvisionists (and I think it’s very, very witty), but lately, I address them as Peaches.

My social media accounts are below my blog’s tagline. I use Twitter and WordPress for everything, Facebook to connect with other people who do not have Twitter, YouTube for experiences too meaningful not to video (plus I’m able to use my video-editing skills), Wattpad to post my novels, and Instagram to post pictures of the self I wished to be—carefree, happy, elegant. You can say that my Instagram is just a facade, and I’m not denying it, but who wouldn’t want to be remembered that way?

I would really appreciate it if you leave a comment. Thanks for dropping by!