Birthday Month Celebration: Treats, Okada Staycation, and 548 Heartbeats Anniversary Edition Preorder Announcement

I love Februarys. Even though I still dread my existence, I celebrate my birth month with much anticipation. Pero sobrang bilis ng February. Tipong after January 365, 2023, February 1, 2023 tapos March 1, 2023 na agad. Haha. Siyempre, I’m posting this a month after my birthday because it got busy by the end of the month. Hehe.

Seattle’s Best Favorites to Start the Month

I started my February with my favorites from Seattle’s Best, my go-to international cafe. I switched from Starbucks and Tim Hortons to Seattle’s not only because I would want to support a business that gets the least involvement with corrupt politicians but also because their pastries are so good with their coffee. I mean, when I go to a cafe, I just don’t drink coffee; I also order food. And their pastries are chef’s kisses, a wonder for the sweet tooth! It would be tempting to order them all, but it wouldn’t be a good idea unless you’re ten in a group so you could share at least a slice or two of one kind of pastry.

My favorites delivered by Seattle’s Best. From L to R: Oreo cookie cheesecake, premium Nutella crinkles, pesto and mushroom flatbread, aglio olio with Spanish sardines, hot raspberry mocha kiss.

Their raspberry mocha kiss is sweet, though, so if you don’t like sweet for your coffee, I wouldn’t recommend it. (I’m okay with both brewed and lattes, by the way. I prepared brewed during an extremely jam-packed day and then others for a normal grind.)

Family Dinner Treat to Start My Birthday Week

A weekend before my birthday itself, I treated my family with a feast: Red Ribbon black forest cake, Oreo cookies and cream ice cream, Spam, takoyaki from Yaki Yaki, and 4-cheese pizza from Pizza Hut. Di kasi ako makapag-celebrate sa mismong birthday ko since we have our own jobs at night, so I decided to do it on a Sunday before my birthday instead.

Hindi na pala masyadong masarap ang black forest cake, ano? I might switch my fave. Lately, parang mas gusto ko ang sansrival or red velvet cheesecake.

548 Heartbeats Anniversary Edition on My Birthday

Sa birthday ko naman mismo, simple lang. I celebrated my birthday itself by announcing the preorder period for 548 Heartbeats. Thank you to KPub PH team for working with me and making sure that my requests are catered. Here are the details and the link where you can preorder, just in case you want to

So what are included? Bukod sa mga nakalagay diyan sa pubmat, inside are 8 special chapters written in Kyle’s point of view, one in Chris’s, one in Marj’s, one in Rai’s. I really hope my old and new readers like this version. I may have edited the lyrics out (obviously, for copyright reasons), but to me, this is the best version I can give.

The art in the book cover jacket and the minimalist art in the book cover are all designed by Neil V. Fernando, a friend from high school. I’m so lucky that he took the opportunity. Who else can design this better but my inspiration for my Wattpad covers (disclaimer lang that I didn’t make those silhouettes but are all licensed by Creative Commons; I only made edits) at ang gumawa rin ng logo ko? Please give Neil some love by following him on his social media accounts: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Behance.

I drew the pin-ups inside, again inspired by Neil’s art. Kilala n’yo naman ako. I’m more on the minimalist side when it comes to designs.

I chose the freebies for the first 100, first 54, and first 8 myself. Surprise na sila, of course. Basta kasama rito ang artworks na pina-commission ko. Very hands-on ako on this dahil first work ko ito na magse-celebrate ng tenth anniversary for the published, fifteenth for the OG. I know I am out of the limelight, but 548 Heartbeats is still recognized as it is. Sobrang dami kong pinagdaanan after ko isulat itong nobelang ito 15 years ago, and although hindi ko talaga gusto ang rason ba’t ko ito inumpisahan, it paved the way for who I am now.

Okada Staycation to End My Birthday Week

It was my dream to stay in the pink room, and I loved every second of my stay. Hindi ko na nga napasyal ang buong Okada because the room was so pretty! I only reserved one day dahil iyon lang ang kasya sa inipon kong budget because I paid for this alone, pero siguro, kung hati kayo sa expenses, it might be more tolerable.

What to Expect in Okada Manila

The entrance of Okada itself is a glamor of its own. Grabe ‘yung pink! You just have to prepare extra money because they ask for a PhP 5,000 deposit, which you can claim naman later on. Some are surprised kasi that they have to shell out money at the beginning; buti na lang I read the reviews.

The pictures below mostly show the lobbies and the parts where the public can stroll.

Here are pictures of the exterior of the casino. Bale, hindi rin naman ako nakapag-casino, and I had no plans. I’m not that kind of person. Not risky, hehe.

The Pink Room

The room where I stayed, or the infamous millennial pink room, needs a separate heading because I took a lot of pictures in here. It constituted 80% of my stay because it was so, so pretty and aesthetic. Alam n’yo naman ako. It’s almost like a single-floor house.

I was welcomed by a birthday banner and a cake by the living room. Natuwa naman ako kasi I was already pissed off that they accommodated me an hour late already. Grabe, the cake that they provided was extremely oozing with chocolate inside.

Shots ko kasi sayang naman ang magandang sofas haha.

Beside the living room was the bar. Hindi ko nagamit masyado ang isang side, but the bar was great. Ingat lang kasi there’s an additional for some goods. Like, if you’ve lifted it for 15 seconds, it’s considered paid. The UFC coffee is free naman, and there were many bottles of water inside.

Again, my own bar shots. I had a hard time taking pictures here because of the lighting, but I saw a good spot naman and was satisfied with them.

There are two doors from the living room, one leading to the walk-in closet. They have hangers, which is very unique to Okada since the hotels I had been to before only had one or two hangers. Ito, they have more than five. The bathrobes are also comfortable. In fact, iyon ang ginawa kong pam-photoshoot (I looked better on it anyway).

A door leads to the bedroom, which so huge, halos iyon na yata ang second floor ng bahay namin. A balloon is placed on the bed din. Hehe, thank you talaga, Okada, for making my birthday week memorable. The leftmost picture in the following gallery is my favorite from my staycation. Gandang mukhang bagong gising kahit ang laki ng tiyan ko underneath that blanket kasi kakakain ko lang sa buffet.

Of course, the jacuzzi! Once or twice lang yata ako naka-experience ng jacuzzi sa tanang buhay ko (or di ko maalala). Surprisingly, this part is so huge, pero hindi ang shower room.

Siyempre sinulit ko na with my mirror, jacuzzi, and bintana shots. Please spare the vanity. Ang ganda lang kasi talaga huhu. Also, I think the shots turned out pretty good. Ang ganda rin talaga ng lighting.

I don’t have pictures of the CR, but if you’ll watch my vlog, you’ll see how amazed I was. Hahaha. Para akong grandma na first time makaramdam ng technology. Hoho.

Where to Eat in Okada Manila

I was only able to eat in two places here: Enbu and the infamous Medley Buffet. Enbu is a Japanese restaurant while Medley Buffet is where you get your free breakfast if you availed it during your booking.


I love, love my Enbu experience. Their dishes are something I would love to go back to. Or siguro dahil favorite ko lang ang Japanese restaurants at ang tagal ko na hindi nakakain in one (because they’re expensive).

I ordered shoga shoyu ramen (PhP 420), moriawase with 3 kinds and 2 slices each (PhP 450), kushiyaki plate composing of vegetable, pork, beef, fish, and chicken sticks (PhP 600), and tori karaage (PhP 250).

I like everything that I ordered, though the ramen wasn’t something I’d go back for (because there’s Mendokoro and Ramen Nagi, whose ramen were much saltier and creamier than theirs). Their karaage tastes like the other karaages too. So kung babalik ako (yes, I will go back haha), I will order more sashimi, kushiyaki, and sushi.

Medley Buffet

Spiral in Sofitel remains in the top, but this one had me filled to the bones. Ni hindi man lang ako nakatikim ng ice cream dahil sa sobrang kabusugan! I guess because I ate without being so conscious. No’ng nasa Spiral kasi ako, medyo conscious ako because I was with my inaanak.

Share ko lang na ito ang mga kinain ko in their Medley Buffet. I know, I know. It might have been too much. But could I blame me? I only go to buffets once a year (or siguro once every five years or kapag invited for free lang). From left to right, I had cereal mixture (yep, like, I think there were five types there); my main meal composing of Japanese, Filipino, and Western food; and my dessert.

Here’s my vlog about my Okada experience. Hehe. With kaunting kuwentuhan session about health and review of the place.

So the question is . . . how did I end my birthday month?

By working. Haha. No, seriously. I was drawing and practicing drawing and writing and practicing writing. May tinatapos din ako so I could leave a mark on Wattpad before I leave. Plus, I’m getting the promotional posters and freebies and pin-ups ready.

Now I’m excited for May para matanggap na ng mga umorder ang 548 Heartbeats. I can finally say that my thirty-second February was well spent.


January 2023 Reads and Views

Before 2022 ended, I vowed to read one book and watch one film, one TV show, and one anime per month (except February, my “chill, be spontaneous, you’re human” month). I mean, at least one of each, so if my time allowed me, I would read or watch more.

I was supposed to post this blog before the end of January, but I planned to draw vectors of the films because I felt extra. Keyword was plan. Haha. Because upon realizing there was so much to do, I just decided to use posters instead.

Anyway, this blog comprises everything I started from late December and finished within the month of January. No ratings, just my thoughts. Since I will now end my Netflix subscription by the end of February (will change to Prime Video, I don’t watch too much Kdrama anyway and my brother is subscribed to Netflix too), I watched more TV shows. Sulitin na natin, kumbaga.

Spoiler, spoiler! If you haven’t read Kilig or watched Chainsaw Man, The Menu, Triangle of Sadness, Warrior Nun, Fleabag, Drag Den, and The Glory (Season 1), please discontinue reading unless you are okay with spoilers. Thanks!

Book: Kilig

I bought this around October last year but only started around the end of December and read two comics a day. Comics and romance? I’m so in! It was released with two colors, and of course, I chose pink. Love, love, love the cover so much! Such a sucker for pretty covers. (Of course, I don’t judge a book by its cover, but I do consider the cover before buying one. Huhu, sorry! I want to be surrounded with things pleasing to my eyes since I’m home almost 24/7.)

There are 14 stories in all, with two heat level 3 stories. Damn my scream with kilig when I read “OTW” (so that’s how it feels to read comics with heat level 3)! And a long “awww” for wholesome stories such as “Tuesday Mornings” (why doesn’t this happen to me when I’m cafe hunting?), “Egg Soup Sunday,” “Doctor Congeniality,” and “One True Plant.” Some were meet-cute, second-chance love; for others, “Where is the second part of this?”

Of course, like in music albums, I also have my top 3. Third goes to The Current. It had really nice and detailed art, and the romance between two mythological creatures was chef’s kiss. Loved how Haik was firm with his principles, even though it meant losing his god status and living with Bulan in the skies. Ah, the reunion. Well-deserved ending.

Cat in the Bag is my top 2. I love the build-up and the characterization. I screamed when Alice kissed Vicky’s hand during their introduction. I repeat: their introduction! AAAAAH! I would faint if that was me. Such a cute story.

My favorite is Ikaw Pa Rin. Short. Sweet. Impactful. Would love to see a prequel of their story.

Buy it on Komiket’s Shopee or on Secret HQ Bookstore.

Anime: Chainsaw Man

Spoiler alert: characters I liked died. Started strong and ended strong, and I wish to see more of Denji’s growth in the next season. Or I dunno. Denji’s just fine. Fill me with Denji next season and I will be alright. Loyal af regardless of his gullibility. That dedication to a simple dream. Loved how Makima kept pushing him toward his goals. Ah, basta. He’s a very simple character with a lot of potential to unlock.

Because I was too excited to find out what was next, I read details of the manga and, as usual, regretted it. Now I’m just waiting for the apocalypse chz.

Watch it on Netflix and Prime Video.

Film: The Menu

I would include The Menu in my list of “movies that critics love to deconstruct,” alongside Midsommar. Loved the unique concept. To me, this was the message: artists who spent their time honing their craft could lose their passion because of arrogant critics, self-proclaimed geniuses, favored people unworthy of the title, ungrateful clients, and greedy opportunists.

Best scenes were the invisible bread, “it was my day-off but I wasted time watching your movie,” and the cheeseburger. Also, Anya Joy Taylor is stunning. Si Voldemort pala iyon?

Buy it on Google Play Videos.

Film: Triangle of Sadness

Art! And yes, it belongs to the likes of Midsommar and The Menu, or “movies that critics love to deconstruct.” Natural dialogues, realistic scenes. The bizarre worries of the people at the tip of the social hierarchy got me every time; the comedy of this absurdity was so excellently played in the film. The reversing of roles was also an interesting watch, especially that of Karl, who only uses the “equal” card when it benefits him, and of Yaya, who keeps their relationship transactional.

Glad that Dolly’s character knew her self-worth as soon as the tragedy happens. But from here, the message is clear: power plays a major part on the division of classes. It is open-ended, making room for endless discussions.

Buy it on Google Play Videos.

Series: Warrior Nun (Seasons 1 and 2)

Why would you cancel such a good show with great chemistry and obviously sapphic characters? Ewan ko sa Netflix. At first I was irritated with the protagonist and almost stopped watching, but then I decided to continue anyway. Badass nuns? Whoever thought I would get to see this? Love the action, love the conflict between science vs. religion, “trust in your faith” vs. “to see is to believe.” And the twist! Sabi na nga ba! I didn’t really trust the priest at first, but then the manipulation was so effective that even I was made to believe that the cardinal had something to do with it. I hated that I fell for it but loved it all the same.

I preferred Season 2 over Season 1 because there were more action and more “eww, cult” moments, though I did miss Mary. My love and hate for Lilith was like a zigzag graph. Needless to say, please, someone get this and feed our Avatrice hearts (cries in Divinium). Camila was my favorite character; such a cutie. Please bring this back.

Watch it on Netflix.

Series: Fleabag (Seasons 1 and 2)

I’ve been hearing good reviews of Fleabag among my colleagues, so when I found out that it was on Prime Video, I watched it as soon as I subscribed and finished two seasons in two nights (yes, because what do I do with my insomnia? Worsen it by watching lol). A fave. No boring parts. Genius comedy while tackling mental health and family problems, but not for the religious (there are a lot of blasphemous scenes, so please, if you are a conservative follower of the Catholic faith, I do not recommend you watching it). The use of the fourth-wall breaking is freaking genius.

I miss Fleabag.

Watch it on Prime Video.

Series: Drag Den with Manila Luzon

One-of-a-kind drag series. My personal faves were the horror ep, the protest theme ep, and the one where Naia wore red dahil sobrang tawang-tawa ako. The titles (drag lord, drag dealer, and drag runner) were formed brilliantly to match the the show. And the set! It definitely looked like a drag den. Consistent.

I was actually rooting for Barbie-Q, but among the top 3, it got to be Shewarma (consistency + effort). Sad she didn’t win, but I’m happy for Naia as well. I think Aries put it best: “MC’s answer came from the brain, Shewarma from the heart, Naia with the right mixture of both.”

Watch it on Prime Video.

Series: The Glory (Season 1)

Muntik ko na ito bitawan. I was aware of the content warning, but girl, no one prepared me for episode 1. I skipped the parts my stomach couldn’t take and just went straight to watching the other eps. Song Hye Kyo still delivers, and while I am against her ways, I understand that power is already in play and she’s trying her best to reverse the roles by grasping that same power. Interesting take.

Bakit gano’n ano? I want to believe in justice, but what if the justice system is flawed and corrupted? Sigh.

Watch it on Netflix.

Thank you for reading! Feel free to share your book, film, and TV show recommendations in the comments section. :)

Anime Shows I Watched This 2022

Hahabol lang bago mag-Bagong Taon! For real, inumpisahan ko ‘tong blog ng “Kaunti lang ang napanood ko this year” pero nang nag-umpisa na akong maglista, nagulat ako na mas marami pala akong napanood this year kaysa other years. Bakit gano’n? Haha.

Again, here is a summary of my ratings:
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ – will rewatch and probably buy my own copy, will recommend and share
⭐⭐⭐⭐½ – will recommend and share
⭐⭐⭐⭐ – good watch, will share
⭐⭐⭐ – a story is better than nothing, will share

I don’t want to give one or two stars, but if ever, the reason will be the following:
⭐⭐ – obvious plot hole
⭐ – huge plot hole; romanticizes and encourages discrimination, historical revisionism, and the like

Blue Period


Superb anime. One of a kind. I really rooted for Yatora, the main character in the series, as I could relate to him in terms of self-assessment. Like me, he would often talk to himself and analyze how he could make his weakness his strength, ask his mentors for pieces of advice, and exhaust himself for something he liked doing. Plus points for the LGBTQ representation. If you are looking for an anime to inspire you to pursue your passion, I highly recommend Blue Period.

Komi Can’t Communicate (Seasons 1 and 2)


End of 2021 ko ‘to inumpisahan, pero hindi pa kasi tapos that time. Loved this anime. Medyo naiinis lang ako kay Nagiri for forcing Komi to do things immediately. Puwede namang gradual. But anyway, keri lang. Ang hardcore lang talaga ng ibang characters. Fave characters ko si Komi at si Tadano. Ang genuine lang ng friendship nila. Nakaka-miss ang high school (pero hindi rin haha).

Kimetsu no Yaiba – Entertainment District Arc


Di ko maintindihan kung bakit ang daming hate ng Demon Slayer. Haha. Samantalang ako, enjoy na enjoy ko. Anyway, everything was perfect para sa ‘kin. My favorite scene would always be with lower moon 5, but Uzui and Upper Moon 6’s fight was one of the best animated fight scenes of all time. The writing was superb, and I loved how the parallelism between Tanjiro-Nezuko and Gyujiro-Daki was emphasized. The writer made sure na hindi excuse pumatay ng tao kung may sad, pitiful background ka.

Kimetsu no Yaiba – Mugen Train


Ang ganda ng animation ng mga fight scenes talaga sa Kimetso no Yaiba. Pati songs. Ugh. Di naman ako naiyak (dahil minanhid na talaga ako ng Ano Hana), pero I felt the sadness. Mami-miss ko si Rengoku.



Interesting plot. Naiinis lang ako paminsan sa character kasi alam naman niya ‘yung takot niya pero pumupunta pa rin siya mag-isa sa places. Also, the subtle incest is there; weird talaga ng mga may ganoong theme. Anyway, overall, I still liked it.

Attack on Titan (The Final Season Part I)


Bakit kasi may part I pa? Puwede namang hatiin into two different seasons. So weird for me. Anyway, again, gusto ko pagkakasulat ng AOT. One of the best characterizations for me. Sabi ko nga “Good writing. Great conflicts.” Was just sad that there were about five episodes that Eren wasn’t there. And yes, Mikasa, if she prolly said she thought of him as a potential boyfriend, then maybe things would be different.

Classroom of the Elite (Season 1)


Watched this because of the hype for the second season. I thought the protagonist was the same as My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU, but the last episode got me interested with the next season. Looking forward to the next.

Jujutsu Kaisen 0


Ayoko na mag-review. Basta 5 of 5. Charot. Gandang-ganda ako sa Jujutsu Kaisen, sabi ko nga. Nakalinya ‘to sa favorite kong anime, e, pagdating pa naman sa anime e loyalist ako hahaha. Excited ako sa ibang seasons ng Jujutsu Kaisen dahil dito. Please lang, ilabas n’yo na.

The Rising of the Shield Hero (Season 2)


Kamuntikan ko na itigil. It was not as good as the first season kasi walang nagho-hold sa akin to finish. Pero natapos ko pa rin naman. Keri.

The Disastrous Life of Saiki K. (Seasons 1 to 3)


Nagustuhan ko ‘to kahit sobrang independent ng episodes from one another. Nakakatawa kasi bawat character, at talagang napapakulay nila bawat episode. Saiki is a perfect representation of an asexual person, kaya it’s funny to me na may nagshi-ship. I think there was an episode na nag-fan service na lang ang mga writers haha.

My Dress-Up Darling


Although not a super fave, ito talaga ‘yung anime na napa-pursue ako sa cosplaying hobby ko. There were some kilig and funny parts, but I was more interested on how passionate they were in their hobbies. I loved how honest both were. I disliked how the guy only gets flustered on big boobs but only literally panics on a cup A but fully naked woman. Weird lang haha.

Kakegurui (Seasons 1 and 2)


Buti na lang di ako nagbabasa ng reviews kasi madali akong maimpluwensiyahan haha. Ewan, pero I like dark characters. I’ve heard of this anime but didn’t watch it kasi akala ko harem. Now i regret that I watched this now. I loved how unique the characters were kasi. I also had ships, including Mary (the character with the greatest character development) and the president’s twin. So much gxg content. Nakulangan lang ako sa last episode ng Season 2. But loved it pa rin. Hehe.

Cyberpunk: Edgerunners


Alam kong hindi para sa lahat ang Cyberpunk. Warning lang. Hehe. I was busy with work, so I wasn’t able to watch anime for a longtime. Thankful that this was recommend to me (much-needed pain). Cyberunk was unique in a lot of ways, althought I was overwhelmed with the theme at first. Characters and storyline were great. Di ko nalaro ang game, pero nagandahan pa rin ako. After watching, life wasn’t all the more diajoubu. Dito ko nakuha ang favorite line ko for this year: “But you never had to save me. All I ever wanted was for you to live. I don’t matter. I don’t have anything left. You have a dream. I need you to see it through me. That’s my dream. Everything else doesn’t matter.”

Spy x Family (Seasons 1 and 2)


I could say na ito ang favorite anime ko this 2022. Para sa ‘kin, ang nagdala talaga rito ay ‘yung unique personality ng bawat character. Sa season 2, mas independent na ang episodes, like some can stand on its own. But for real, favorite ko for the entire two seasons ang episodes na nando’n si Nightfall. She’s so colorful hahaha.

There, there. Ang dami rin pala. Wala pa rito ang mga series na pinanood ko. Looking forward to watch more next year. Recommendations are welcome!