Listen to Purpose

I remember listening to Bieber’s ‘Baby’ and thought it was a little girl singing, I’m serious. I wasn’t a hater, but I cared less of him either. His fame got into his head really fast I guess, and that made him on my bottom list.

His first song I intentionally listened to was Beauty and the Beat. Aside from its witty title, it got me with its dancing beats; and the video, admit it, was cool. If it wasn’t for my partner, I wouldn’t even know Next to You, where he sang with Chris Brown. Heaven knows I that cried as I listened to it, especially when my boyfriend asked me to listen to this song, and I know he was the last person to recommend Chris Brown and Justin Bieber.

When What Do You Mean aired in radios, I knew it was him. Though it didn’t make a mark on me unlike the songs I mentioned a while ago, I knew there was something different on the way it was written and arranged. It wasn’t like the typical young Bieber song with repetitive words. I went to YouTube immediately after seeing an article on how he matured in his latest album, and true enough, his songs present a purpose: somewhere in between asking for everyone’s forgiveness for his mistakes and giving himself a second chance.

Thank the heavens for Skrillex; the electro feeling matched Bieber’s voice evenly. I confess that I’ve been playing The Feeling for an entire day already, struck (and stuck) by the chorus:

Am I in love with you? or am I in love with the feeling?
Trying to find the truth, sometimes the heart is deceiving
Can’t get out of my head, and I need you to save me
If I am delusional then maybe I’m crazy in love with you,
Or am I in love with the feeling?

Among all his songs, this one was the most poetic for me by far. Can’t get this verse out of my head; Ms. Hasley’s voice is hypnotizing, the lyrics were beautiful. Add the powerful music video—perfect. Actually, the videos for his songs which featured talented dancers, including children, were all amazing. I recommend that you check them out.

If I had to define a grand comeback, it would be that someone has something new to present different from what the individual used to produce, guided by a strong message that s/he wanted to deliver. So yep, I think he made a grand one.

My Interpretation of Sia’s Elastic Heart Music Video

After watching Sia’s music video of Elastic Heart, I couldn’t help myself make my own interpretation of her music. I rarely listen to songs in this genre, but the music video was so intriguing and amazing that it made me watch the video at least thirty times (not even exaggerating).

I listed the symbols and the sequence of the video then interpreted it like it was a math algebraic problem to be solved with all the x’s and the y’s. While others interpreted it as a parental relationship between Sia and her father, I saw it as a battle of two personalities living inside the self.


Maddie represented the self who was ill due to, maybe, an addiction while Shia represented the self who fought over the illness. The cage represented depression, and the world outside it was happiness, or the satisfaction of being able to escape depression.

The video started with Maddie making faces to Shia. He even closed his eyes (00:38) while she was doing so, and that meant his resistance to addiction.

And I wanted it, I wanted it bad
But there were so many red flags

Shia tried to face her, but when he tried to fight, it seemed that Maddie was stronger (00:51). Maddie even dragged herself on his back and forcefully put her hands on his eyes. Any kind of addiction would make you blind of depression temporarily.

You did not break me
I’m still fighting for peace

Shia managed to escape by climbing the cage (1:28) while Maddie lied down beneath the hanging Shia. He went down, and lied beside her when she finally relaxed. (2:01) I thought of it as how one would do self-reflection.

And I know that I can survive
I’ll walk through fire to save my life

But while reflecting, Shia found himself seeking for Maddie again. Thus the biting of Shia’s hand happened. (2:21)

Then another one bites the dust
It’s hard to lose a chosen one

He was furious at Maddie because he felt tricked. He tried to fight her once again, but she managed to go out of the cage. That part was so hard to understand, but it made sense when I thought of it as how an addictive thing could make one feel better (temporarily, at least).

He then lost hope, realizing that Maddie was able to go out of that cage while he couldn’t.

The re-entrance of Maddie (3:15) and her slow climb to Shia’s shoulders signified the self’s surrender to addiction. He carried her on his shoulders and arms as if she was a burden (or maybe a responsibility). She conquered his body and emotions, and made him follow her towards the bars of the cage where she was the only one who could get out.

At the end of the video, Maddie kept on pulling Shia while she was standing on his knees. Shia, on the other hand, was begging for Maddie. (4:11) Maddie outside the cage while Shia still inside it meant that it was the addicted self who succeeded the battle, and that Shia needed Maddie in order to have a glimpse of satisfaction.

My interpretation may be aligned to the music video, but not entirely to the lyrics especially with the last two lines:

But you won’t see me fall apart
‘Cause I’ve got an elastic heart

And it kept me guessing, that was why I liked it.

Lady Gaga

Maybe it’s too much to make a comment about all the issues, I’m no one but a 21-year old college grad. But of course, I’m not really into favoring something or someone of all sorts, I’d rather stay out of it if it’s not interesting, or take both sides into consideration and weigh their pros and cons. Like this issue of Lady Gaga having a concert in our country.

Honestly, I cannot see why she cannot do the concert. If parents taught their children to love Him above all, they won’t treat Gaga’s music as some sort of idolatry or something. It’s plain music, and entertainment. I, as a believer, I sing these songs, honestly. However, it’s not as if it would take my life away. You know, it’s like prioritizing. You know what’s important and what you don’t really need. However, those things you don’t really need may bring some lessons in life that might help you.

Although her song “Judas,” hmm. I could say that, whoever takes this song literally is just like what her name means, stupid. Sorry for the term.

If people could only look into the deeper sense than to take it literally. It’s the same as thinking about some closed-minded people who get mad without even hearing the other side.

But seriously? Maybe her fault was to use names she shouldn’t have used. Besides, there are other metaphors. After all, when you make music, the more intriguing it sounds, the more popular it may be. That’s what bothers me, she could have used other things or prominent people.

As cliché says, “It’s really in the eye of the beholder.”