A Spacious Cafe with a Coworking Space: Eli Coffee and Tea

I was browsing for a coworking space nearby during the early days of June when Eli Coffee & Tea was suggested as a cafe on Facebook. The first that was advertised was their branch in Antipolo. However, I had already been to a cafe in Antipolo that time, and my goal was to visit one cafe per municipality in Rizal. Good thing I searched further and discovered that they had another branch in Binangonan.

How to Go to Eli Coffee & Tea

From any point in Ortigas Extension, ride a Binangonan Double Highway jeep and tell the driver to drop you off at Darangan. I only used Google Maps to check if I was near the location before going down the jeep. Eli & Coffee, if I remember it correctly, should be at the right side.

What to Expect in Eli Coffee & Tea

This spacious coffee shop in Binangonan can accommodate gatherings for over 20 people. The room next to the sliding door can be rented for private gatherings, but the whole cafe is available for a larger number of attendees as well. You can check their rates at the tarpaulin inside the cafe.

They also have a separate coworking space located below the coffee shop. If you’re planning to work, it will be better to stay at the coworking space since the cafe only has one socket available, which is placed on a high area of one of their walls (so it was a bit embarrassing to charge my device).

The atmosphere is cozy, and you’ll feel you’re in your rich aunt’s living room full of guests rather than in a cafe. A wide wooden bookshelf occupies a corner of the coffee shop, which is known to be the cafe’s instagrammable spot.

What to Eat in Eli Coffee & Tea

I stayed for a long time in the cafe, so I ordered two times: one for brunch and another for snack/dinner. The picture above was my brunch consisting of tuna pesto (PhP 120), tiramisu iced coffee (PhP 125), and chocolate chip cookie (PhP 55). The pasta had little serving, but the drink easily made me full.

My snack, shown on the picture above, consisted of mozzarella sticks (PhP 165) and Okinawa milk tea (PhP 105). The sticks were so, so good, especially with the salsa dip that came with it.

For more information about this experience, visit Kape Tayo, Rizal‘s Facebook page.

Eli Coffee & Tea
12:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.
2nd floor Pearl Building, National Rd., Calumpang, Binangonan, Rizal

Trabi Cafe: A Relaxing Cafe in Binangonan

I first knew about Trabi Cafe because of Kim Derla, though after further research, I learned that Trabi already relocated, still in Binangonan but not in Tayuman. Since I had a catching-up to do with my high school friend Dianne who lives in Binangonan, I decided to give Trabi Cafe a try.


Ride a jeep going to Angono. Tell the driver to drop you off at SM Center Angono. There are tricycles that could take you to Casa Hiraya. Trabi Cafe is just inside.


Trabi means “travel and bike.” On their Facebook, they stated, “Originally, we would like to cater coffee to most bikers in the morning, to and from Tanay, or people who dropped by in our bike store neighbour to have their bikes repaired or get themselves new ones.” I thought it was a good concept, and I wish they would have considered this when they relocated. But their new home in Pag-asa, Binangonan, is not so bad. In fact, I find the location relaxing, peaceful, and personal.

It seemed that my friend and I arrived too early, though I’m not sure of their peak time. We were the only customers at around 4:00 p.m., making our catching-up conversation more private. So if you’re looking for a relaxing hangout where you can meet and chat with your friends, I recommend going to Trabi Cafe.


My newfound diet was not a hindrance to reviewing their food. I asked my friend to rate what she ordered: Sabrina S’mores cake (Php 125) and macchiato (Php 80). There was no problem with her coffee; she loved it, in fact. However, the layers of the cake were a bit tough at first, but it generally improved as she finished eating it. Together, an 8/10.

Favorite Picture

Trabi Cafe
9:00 a.m.–12:00 a.m.
0905 Sitio Hanggan, Pag-asa, Binangonan