Your Friendly Neighborhood Coffee Shop: Kalinaw Coffee Co.

After a two-month long hiatus, finally, I was able to visit another cafe and revive my coffee-hunting page. My last entry was June 19, and I was only able to go out on September 15. My acne had worsen again, so I had to prioritize my skin health over this passion. Derma consultations aren’t cheap, so I had to make wise choices and put my passion project on a hiatus for a while.

Besides this, whenever I go to coffee shops (usually on a Thursday or a Friday), I would spend ten hours every day to work to make sure I still fulfill my 40 hours in a week. I realized, however, that I would still spend a significant amount of time working during my cafe day even when I already allotted that day for leisure. I still continued, but it got to a point that it drained me. I knew I had to step back. I didn’t want to go out for coffee just for content; this was supposed to be a hobby, not a requirement.

When things got a little better, I decided to visit a cafe near me to save on transportation, which was how I found Kalinaw Coffee Co.

How to Go to Kalinaw Coffee Co.

Ride a jeep going to Sta. Lucia East Grand Mall or Tropical and tell the driver to drop you off at Vista Verde. From the gate of Vista Verde, Kalinaw Coffee Co. is only a three- to five-minute walk.

What to Expect in Kalinaw Coffee Co.

Kalinaw Coffee Co. is a coffice, meaning there were sockets and available Wi-Fi network for its patrons. No wonder there were so many people at four o’clock of a Thursday. Both the first and the second floors were fully occupied. Good thing I was able to secure a seat.

Surprisingly, they also serve wine! It was a perfect cafe for the titos and titas of Manila who love drinking wine and coffee. Kalinaw merchandise was also available.

What to Eat in Kalinaw Coffee Co.

As I haven’t had my lunch that time, I had to order a meal. One of their best-sellers is their hungarian rice meal, which was worth PhP 140, and then I accompanied my rice meal with their iced caramel macchiato for PhP 140.

Hunger (and coffee craving) satisfied.

Learn more about my filterless experience in Kalinaw Coffee Co. through my post in Kape Tayo, Rizal.

Kalinaw Coffee Co.
Monday, Wednesday to Sunday, 12:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m.
Vista Verde, Cainta, Rizal

Carpentry and Coffee: A Neat Coffice in Cainta, Rizal

Coffice is a term used for cafes that can almost be your own office, and I’m glad that I found one only a few kilometers away from home. Carpentry and Coffee appeared on my Instagram feed after I followed #cafeph, and as a cafe hunter, I was willing to visit their place and try their food.

How to Go to Carpentry and Coffee

If you’re coming from Angono and Taytay, ride a Sta. Lucia or Tropical jeepney (or if you’re from Ortigas, you have to go down at Junction first). Tell the driver to drop you off at The Garden Walk, which is in front of SM Hypermarket. Carpentry and Coffee is located on the second floor.

What to Expect at Carpentry and Coffee

Whether you’re looking for a tranquil place to work and eat or you want to discuss a remodeling project with experienced builders over a cup of coffee, Carpentry and Coffee got you covered. With clean-furnished walls, tables, and other wooden furniture, this coffice stands by their name. It is a carpentry-theme cafe, established from the owner’s love for coffee, architecture, and interior design. I love how they provided a space for a mural depicting two workers painting on wood. They also used buckets and paintbrushes to design one ledge. We were during Valentine’s day, so their interiors were filled with hearts and reds.

Aside from their friendly staff and good food, their cafe emits a peaceful, nature vibe that is perfect for tasks that require utmost focus and offers sockets where you can plug in your laptop and mobile devices. The comfort room is outside the cafe, though.

What to Eat at Carpentry and Coffee

Above are their salted caramel frappe (Php 160) and chocolate milk tea (Php 95). We also ordered their must-try spicy Angus tapa (Php 235), regular Angus tapa, fish and fries, and tuna pesto and mushroom. I wasn’t able to take note of the prices of the other dishes, but all of them were superb. I will definitely go back for their Angus tapa and fish and fries, maybe with hot coffee next time.

Favorite Picture

Carpentry and Coffee
10:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m.
2nd Floor, The Garden Walk, Felix Ave, Cainta, Rizal

My Cozy Tambayan: Pageturner Cafe

Update as of July 9, 2021: Pageturner Cafe is now closed.

As you may all know, I live in the town of Cainta in Rizal province. I’ve been looking for cafes to feature here on my blog not only to help cafe hunters find a new place to explore but also boost our town’s popularity, even in my own way.

Near our residence is Pageturner Cafe, which easily captured my attention because of the huge arch that welcomes its customers.

How to Go to Pageturner Cafe

If you are coming from Taytay, Angono, or Antipolo, ride a jeep going to Crossing, Tropical, or Sta. Lucia and tell them to drop you off at Valley Golf. You’ll see Primark Town Center as you go down. Just turn left from the parking lot, and browse through the restaurants at the side. Pageturner Cafe is in front of Ministop and beside Pan De Manila.

What to Expect in Pageturner Cafe

Good for around twenty to thirty people, Pageturner Cafe relaxes its customers through its unpainted but furnished cement walls, wooden tables, and snake plants to add some nature vibes. They have card games, which groups can use for a little fun time. Books are free to borrow as long as customers know how to return them to their original places.

What to Eat in Pageturner Cafe

This has been, so far, my favorite caramel macchiato, which costs Php 130. I’ve been here three times, and although I want to try other blends, I’d end up sticking with it. I love how it can be creamy without being overly sweet, unlike other cafes where I have to put sugar until I ruin its mixture.

The New York Style Cheesecake was okay. I hope they could level up their pastries so they could look more apetizing, but since Pageturner is a small cafe, I understand the lack of variety. They also serve pasta and sandwiches, but these were out of stock during my visit.

Favorite Picture

Pageturner Cafe
10 a.m.–10 p.m.
Primark Town Center Cainta, Ortigas Ave. Ext., Cainta, Rizal