We Put the Gay in Tagaytay: A Trip to Tagaytay Prime Residences, Sky Ranch, Dreamland Arts and Crafts Café, and Caffe Nativo

Hi, Tagaytay!

Attachment has always been an issue to me. I have been afraid to interact with people, knowing our relationships will be short-lived. I have always thought that getting to know only a few people means hurting only a few people when I pass. Oo, advanced ako mag-isip. Patay agad. But quite recently, maybe two years ago, I have learned the art of “keeping and letting go.” Especially with workmates whom I treat as “sisters in crime,” I have learned to “let go” of them when they—or I—seek for something else, especially if this leads to their—or my—growth.

But I keep in touch with them.

Recently, two of my closest officemates-turned-friends had to leave work. We decided to schedule a staycation and relax, enjoy, and have fun with one another’s company. Of course, it had to be in Tagaytay.


Ela, the blogger. The latest showbiz gossip, trending OOTDs, and more travel places. IG feed master.

Jill, our “senpai.” Pieces of advice and pick-up lines out of nowhere. Kids, beware though.

Regular Mariz. Adventurer, scene photographer, your next Hayley Williams. Not so regular.

Hokage. Itineraries, marketing, sales, coffee, more coffee, and secrets. Very reliable, much wow.

Tami, our Lh0rD. Deep conversations, the devil’s advocate, eats Taylor Swift for breakfast. Triggered.

Missing our Prinsesa turned Banyo Queen Mika. She was preparing for her next work that would start on September 24, so she wasn’t able to go. Nevertheless, we missed her.


One, the original meet-up time was eight in the morning, but because of personal reasons, I had to let them go ahead. Two, we were not planning to sleep as early as one in the morning. But because we had technical problems with our choice of movie, we decided to call it a day. Three, the trip to home was faster.


10:00 Left my house from Rizal

12:00 Arrive at Robinsons Galleria
Note Buses to Pasay are on the other side, near POEA. Tell the driver to drop you at Pasay Rotonda. Ticket from Robinsons Galleria to Tagaytay is Php 25.

13:00 Arrive at Pasay Rotonda
Note Buses to Tagaytay is at the other side, the near Sogo Hotel and RCBC. Ticket from Pasay to Tagaytay is Php 75.

16:00 Check-in at Tagaytay Prime Residences
30 mins Organize stuff and rest

16:30 Left Tagaytay Prime Residences
Note Exit at the ground floor. I walked toward the entrance and rode a jeep with a “Sky Ranch” signboard, only for a minimum fare. As much as possible, I avoid tricycles when riding alone since they are more expensive.

17:00 Arrive at Sky Ranch
1 hr and 30 mins Enjoy rides and take pictures

18:30 Left Sky Ranch
Note Ride a jeep with an “Olivarez Hiway” signboard. Pay minimum fare.

19:00 Arrive at Tagaytay Prime Residences
1 hr and 30 mins Watch videos and rest

20:30 Left Tagaytay Prime Residences
Note Exit at the third floor.

20:40 Arrive at Dreamland Arts and Crafts Cafe
2 hrs and 20 mins Eat, take pictures, “titahan” conversations

23:00 Leave Dreamland Arts and Crafts Cafe

23:10 Arrive at Tagaytay Prime Residences
1 hr and 50 mins Watch videos

01:00 Lights out


08:00 Wake up, take a bath, and organize things

10:00 Leave Tagaytay Prime Residences.

10:10 Brunch at McDonald’s Tagaytay

11:10 Leave McDonald’s Tagaytay

11:20 Arrive at Tagaytay Prime Residences

11:40 Check-out at Tagaytay Prime Residences
1 hr Overlooking at Tagaytay Prime Residences Rooftop

12:15 Finally leave Tagaytay Prime Residences
Note Exit at the third floor

12:20 Arrive at Caffe Nativo

13:15 Leave Caffe Nativo

13:30 Arrive at Rowena’s

13:45 Leave Tagaytay
Note Ticket from Tagaytay to Coastal Mall is worth Php 77. You may choose to wait for buses going to Cubao, but the route from Pasay is more convenient for me.

15:30 Arrive at Coastal Mall, Pasay
Note Ticket from Coastal Mall to Robinsons Galleria is worth Php 25.

16:30 Arrive at Robinsons Galleria

Tagaytay Prime Residences and FamBam Space Condo Unit
Room 1018 Cityland’s Tagaytay Prime Residence

We got the Fambam Space in Tagaytay Prime Residences via Airbnb. Since we were seven originally, we had to pay Php 533 each. When one backed out, we had a refund of Php 350. Since we used a gallon of water, we had to pay an extra Php 50.

Fambam Space is perfect for your barkada trips. There were one large pullout bed and one pullout sofa bed, fitting the seven of us perfectly. Besides the nicely decorated walls and the overall neatness of the place, board games and a smart TV for your Netflix chill were available.

We also had fun taking pictures at the rooftop. Good thing I put sunscreen.

Sky Ranch
Mondays to Fridays 10:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m., Saturdays to Sundays 8:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m.
Nasugbu Highway, Kaybagal South, Tagaytay, Cavite

I remember asking “Are there horses in Sky Ranch?” a few years ago. Haha. Missing Sky Ranch when going to Tagaytay, especially on your first time, is like going to Starbucks and not ordering their coffee. For just Php 80, you could already enjoy picture-taking at Sky Ranch. However, the rides cost at least a hundred.

I only tried their Super Vikings though as I felt a hundred per ride was costly. Boy was I not disappointed. I think this one’s more exciting than the one in Enchanted Kingdom as if it felt a bit higher.

Dreamland Arts and Crafts Cafe
Purok 157 Calamba Road, Tagaytay

It looked totally different from the last time I went. Last 2016, they only had one floor (with a mini second floor) and served really slow; 2017, their service improved, and they already had a second floor, or rooftop as they called it; and now 2018, they already occupied an entire building! They still serve for 24 hours and still had fast service, but the hammocks on the second floor were not there anymore though. The original cafe is now already a full-time operating store.

The Main Cafe

The Store

The Rooftop

Dinnertime, I ordered their chicken good vibes in a wrap worth Php 185 for something new. It was weird though since I was used to salty burritos. This one was sweet. The wrap was an 8/10, the potato slices a 9.5/10.

Caffe Nativo
Calamba Road, Tagaytay, Cavite

Caffe Nativo is just a walk away from Tagaytay Prime Residences and Dreamland Arts and Crafts Cafe. Its vibrant colors seen outside their glass windows instantly got me, pulling me to taste their coffee the next day.

Ordered their dark mocha frappe worth Php 180. Compared with other frappes, this had more flavor and was more “solid” and did not easily melt.

Favorite Picture

Our album Missing Mika is debuting on September 23, 2099, featuring our songs “Shanghai ni Ruth,” “Finding Dreaming Dory,” “Asan One K Ko,” and two more explicit songs na kami-kami lang makakagets, plus a solo performance from Senpai, “Wala Akong Sariling Bus.”