Love Cakes? Visit Bunny Baker

I had been looking for this place ever since I became fond of blogging about cafes. But even when I was still working in Makati, my attempts failed. I would take a quick tour from Glorietta to Rustan's but to no avail. It was when I had the whole afternoon to figure out where Bunny … Continue reading Love Cakes? Visit Bunny Baker

The Coffee Project: A Chill Spot near Greenbelt

December 2019 Update: I just learned last September 2019 that the Villars own Coffee Project. While this cafe is very aesthetic, I highly recommend supporting other coffee shops owned by families who are not detached to the suffering of our farmers. Thank you. I am emphasizing that it's near Greenbelt because my friend and I … Continue reading The Coffee Project: A Chill Spot near Greenbelt