A Princess for One Day at Nuel Cafe

In the middle of the busy streets of Mandaluyong lies the El Magistrado Building where this very majestic cafe called Nuel Cafe resides. I am in awe that I have only known this now when it has been around since last year, and they were even rewarded by Q Asia for their excellent service. I felt like royalty during my entire stay, and I highly recommend their service and food.


Clear hints that this place is owned by a lawyer include lady justice statues, the name of the building itself, and the “lawyer” sign outside. The venue is filled with all sorts of gold—maybe authentic, maybe painted—but the thing is, they decided to stick with the theme, which made my whole stay satisfying. You may wear their tiaras for extra experience.

The images below are outside their main cafe (but still a part of it).

And here are pictures of what their cafe looks inside. Men in red robes served us; plus, their utensil and receipt container strictly followed their theme. I wasn’t able to check if they have comfort rooms though.


Their great food entailed high price. We ordered rib eye steak (Php 580), chicken provencal (Php 200), English tea (Php 180), and mocha frappe (Php 140), all scored 9.5/10. I must say that Nuel Cafe is one of those restaurants where I am satisfied with all the food they served.

Favorite Picture

Nuel Cafe
Mondays to Fridays 2:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m.
Second Floor, El Magistrado Building, 458 Barangka Drive, Malamig, Mandaluyong City

Treskul Records Cafe: Find Cool Vinyl Records and Good Food

Because of technology, vinyl records have long been “out of the norm,” now replaced by digital music. However, for other music enthusiasts, vinyl records bring an experience that Spotify cannot. Luckily, Treskul Records Cafe not only makes this possible but also offers their customers the vintage vibe they want.


There are no commuting guides going to Treskul from Rizal, but the best advice I can give to minimize your commuting fee is to ride any Crossing Ilalim/JRU jeep, tell the driver to you near Star Mall or Shangri La Plaza, and grab a taxi from there. If you know any public utility jeepneys going to Rizal Technological University, then better; according to Google Maps, Treskul is only eight minutes away from there.


Surely, the highlight of the place is the vinyl records settled in their corner. These are separated by genre, which makes it easy for a collector to find a specific artist. If you are a buyer, you may even test them in their vinyl player. (They also buy vinyl records, but I’m not sure of the price.)

The walls are filled with vintage items such as cassette players, vinyl discs, and old posters and ornaments, accentuated by dim red and orange lighting for an eighties vibe.


We ordered sisig (Php 245), garlic rice (Php 25), plain fries (Php 140), and a Coke in can (Php 60) since, sadly, their barista was not available to craft my cappuccino.

Their sisig is authentic, meaning it tastes just how it should originally taste and does not lure you to another flavor. I mean, do you get what I mean? I have tasted so many sisig dishes that I can categorize them as “authentic, will order again,” “altered but fitting,” and “is this giniling or bopis?” Fortunately, theirs fall to the first one. A 9/10.

Since this is a cafe bar, they also serve beer (calling all my tita friends, let us gather to this place). For more of their menu, visit this link.

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Treskul Records Cafe and Bar
11:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m.
CIFRA Building, 641 Boni Avenue, Plainview, Mandaluyong City

For DC Universe Fans: DC Super Heroes Cafe

Hardcore fans of the DC Universe must have gone to DC Super Heroes Cafe (though Merriam spells it as superheroes) when they opened last June. As a moviegoer and a cafe hunter, not really a DC fan though, I would not miss this.

So two months after their opening, c’mon, Marvel, where’s yours?


What do you expect from a themed cafe? The whole place was decorated with DC superheroes, though they were only limited to Justice League and Batman villains (I guess because it’s so easy to make food out of them). The walls were covered with superheroes, and there were also life-size Justice League members.

The seats had the names of DC heroes and villains on them, and the whole place was filled with DC comic books and figurines.


May I just put this here: I was impressed with how the menu looked like.

Anyway, we went there two times, one for lunch and the other for dinner. During lunch, I ordered Dark Knight Chocolate Latte (Php 160.00) and Deck of Cards (Php 210.00).

The Dark Knight Chocolate Latte tastes familiar, maybe because it consisted of dark chocolate and cacao powder. It reminds me of my rainy morning with my mother; definitely a 9/10.

However, I wasn’t ready for the combination of sweet and sour that Deck of Cards presented, which guaranteed a 6/10 for me (because of this, I discovered that I’m not a lime and strawberry person). I suggest you share this with another person.

For dinner, I ordered baked pepperoni zitti (Php 380.00), strawberry trifle (Php 240.00), and double nut white choco frappe (Php 190.00)

My dinner experience was not as good as during lunch, maybe because it was nearing ten in the evening already. The baked pepperoni zitti was okay, but the bread that went with it was already makunat. But since the pasta itself was okay, I would rate it a 7/10.

On the other hand, I was impressed with how the double nut white choco frappe tasted. However, it should have been sky blue with something pink. It appeared green when it was served to me. It should have been a nine, but I would give it an 8/10.

The strawberry trifle was really aesthetically pleasing. But again, I did not quite enjoy it since I was not a fan of strawberry (ordered it because I was curious). I loved the green cookie though; it saved the whole thing, a 7/10.

For more of their food, click here.

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DC Super Heroes Cafe
10:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m.
4th level, Mega Fashion Hall, SM Megamall, Mandaluyong