Bubba Lab: Scientifically Delicious

I knew of Bubba Lab when I learned that one of my readers, Eileen, was performing here. I attempted to go during one of her gigs but failed because of my responsibilities at work. Anyway, last November, I had the chance to go here and even brought one of my favorite books, Beginner’s Guide: Love and Other Chemical Reactions by Six de los Reyes (chemistry and romance).

How to Go to Bubba Lab

We went via Grab, as there are no jeepneys going to C&P Circle Mall. However, according to sakay.ph, you can ride a Montalban jeep, just cross the overpass near Tropical and Sta. Lucia East Grand Mall. Get off at Aquilina St. and E. Santos intersection (nearest landmark would be Kanto Freestyle), and then ride another jeepney with a Cubao-Silangan label going to Gen. Ordonez avenue (drop off at Jollibee). There are tricycles going Liwasang Kalayaan (just tell them you need to be as nearest as possible to C&P Circle Mall).

Place and Ambience

If you’re into chemistry, coffee, and tea, I’m sure you’ll love Bubba Lab. They have science-related furniture⁠—from hexagonal shelves inspired by chemical structure diagrams to periodic table–inspired menus. In case you’re looking for a venue with sockets in Marikina so you can finish your research project, Bubba Lab also got you covered.

What to Eat in Bubba Lab

I found it amazing that their tri-potato medley (Php 210) is served in iron stands, which are actually used to hold laboratory apparatuses. On the other hand, their Bubbatella milk tea (Php 100 for medium) came with a paper cup designed with measurements. I hope, however, that they’ll consider using glass containers for all their drinks and bamboo straws instead. (I’m not sure which beverages are placed in beakers though.) Check their menu here.

Favorite Picture

Bubba Lab
10:00 a.m.–10:00 p.m.
C&P Circle Mall, Liwasang Kalayaan Avenue, Marikina Heights, Marikina City

Cafe Mermania: A Cafe for Your Mermaid Dreams

One of the cafes in my “to go to” list was Under the Sea Cafe in Maginhawa, but even before I could go there, it already closed. So when I found out about Cafe Mermania, a mermaid-themed cafe in Marikina, I had no second thoughts of going.


Every object found inside the cafe does not stray from its under-the-sea theme: the murals, the decor, the seats, and even the food. However, the cafe does not only use the usual sea colors of sky blue and sea green but also splashes their corners with Barbie-like colors of violet and pink.

Young girls will surely love the knitted blankets that the cafe used as mermaid-tail costumes and the tilapia slippers that they could wear before going inside the “mermaid room.”


Cafe Mermania serves well-prepared food, and I didn’t regret ordering every bit of it. Even their mermaid tail cupcake (Php 75) was worth the price. (I loved the candy tail so much!)

The baked lasagna (Php 165), one of their bestsellers, reminds me of my mom’s cooking (8/10). It was a bit dry inside, but I enjoyed it along with some bites from the buffalo wings (Php 255). The latter’s sweetness and little spiciness complemented well with the pasta, assuring its place as one of Cafe Mermania’s bestsellers (10/10).

I usually order chocolate frappes, but this time, I ordered their strawberry frappe as reviews highly recommend it. I don’t usually like berry frappes, but I liked this one, particularly the strawberry popping boba that came along with it (9/10).

For more of their menu, click here.

Favorite Picture

Cafe Mermania
12:00–8:00 p.m. Tuesdays to Sundays
5 General Ordoñez Avenue, Marikina

Forget You Not, Forget Me Not

Lilac Street in Marikina is full of instagrammable restaurants, cafes, and food parks. One of them is Forget Me Not Cafe, which has been standing since 2012. More than its Instagram-worthy spots, Forget Me Not Cafe features a variety of dishes in their menu that you will surely love.


Forget Me Not is more accessible via private cars, but there are also public-transportation options. One is via Marcos Highway. From any point in the East, ride a jeep going to Cubao then go down at either (1) Tropical or (2) Ligaya, Marikina. If you choose option 1, cross the bridge toward the other side of the highway and ride a tricycle going to 24 Lilac. If you choose option 2, go down at Ligaya (nearest landmark is Ayala Malls Feliz) and then ride a jeepney with a “Marikina Stoplight” label (minimum fare). Tell the driver to drop you off at Marikina Spotlight, and then ride another jeep going to SSS (minimum fare). Always remind the driver to drop you at Lilac Street (or for your convenience, use Google Maps). Forget Me Not is within a ten-minute walk.


No doubt that Forget Me Not has many Instagram-worthy spots. They have to repaint their walls though so they wouldn’t get behind newer restaurants.

They have two floors, the second floor being larger the first. And just in case you need to “answer the call of the wild,” you don’t need to worry as they have a bidet in their toilet.


They serve creamy food, so if you opt for that, then try their menu. I ordered their best-selling roast beef worth Php 320, gaining a 7/10 as I expected it to be a little saltier. And if you order their pumpkin soup along with any rice meal, you will only have to pay Php 85. I was a bit disappointed as, like the roast beef, it lacked saltiness (6/10).

I expected so much with their drinks, but their iced caramel macchiato (Php 135) tasted bland (6/10). Their oreo cheesecake (Php 135) did not disappoint though (9/10).

Favorite Picture

Forget Me Not
7:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m.
Hacienda Heights, 24 Lilac Street, Marikina City