Gallery and Cafe in One: Artists Haven Cafe

After enjoying the Dessert Museum, we went to Artists Haven Cafe inside BF Homes, Paranaque, for lunch. We ordered their Andy Warhol’s Mushroom Pasta (Php 280) and Van Dyck Roast Beef (Php 380). I always worry about ordering expensive food, thinking “My mom can cook this,” but it’s different this time. Both were really tasty dishes topped with a special creamy sauce.

Van Dyck Roast Beef
Andy Warhol’s Mushroom Pasta

Their salmon-painted walls, well-designed carved columns, and a neat interior filled with paintings about women and flowery furniture were mesmerizing. Sadly, we had a few minutes left because we had to catch a movie, so we weren’t able to visit the second floor.

Outside Artists Haven Cafe

The gallery inside Artists Haven Cafe

It might take me months to visit BF Homes, Paranaque, again, but I’m looking forward to it as there are so many restaurants and places to explore. And of course, peach-painted walls (or “pink-gradient-painted,” for that matter) are surely on top of my list.