One of the Most Successful Minimalist and Japanese-Inspired Cafes in Rizal: Typica Coffee

Typica Coffee is one of the most successful and well-known minimalist cafes in Rizal. You may have known about how they started from their humble beginnings because they were featured numerous times on TV and in online articles. I believe the founder was a former Starbucks barista who started to sell coffee products online during the pandemic until he was able to save and reconstruct a sari-sari store to start the flagship branch in Taytay. The pictures below were from my first visit last March 2021; Typica Coffee was still a roadside cafe then.

I’m not sure how much of the rumor that the founder started with as little as ten thousand pesos as his startup capital should I believe, but yeah, that became a topic among us coffee enthusiasts and cafe hunters.

Now Typica Coffee has branches in Antipolo and Laguna. More importantly, their flagship store in Taytay can now accommodate more customers, hence this blog.

How to Go to Typica Coffee

From any point in Ortigas Extension, ride a jeepney going to Singer (landmark is a grocery store with a Tropical Hut). From there, there are tricycles that can lead you to Typica Coffee. As of November 2022, fare per ride is PHP 25.00.

What to Expect in Typica Coffee

Getting inspiration from the simple and minimalist coffee shops in Japan, their cafe still maintains the branding even though they have expanded. White walls, brown accents, and minimal decorations welcomed me as I entered the cafe.

Their alfresco dining area had room for a number of people. There was a part that looked like a zen garden, wherein pebbles filled the ground and a young tree stood at the middle. Unlike the interior dining area, the walls had art, albeit minimal.

What to Eat in Typica Coffee

I am a huge fan of their pastries, I must say, particularly their vegan dark choco cookies and charcoal cookies. Here are two pictures of the many, many deliveries as proof.

Anyway, in the cafe, I got the same products I would usually order online: aglio olio (PHP 130), vegan choco chip cookie (PHP 70), and hot dark mocha latte (PHP 120). Since I was there until night, I also got their classic baked macaroni (PHP 150). They serve the yummiest pastries and pasta, I swear.

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Typica Coffee 
7 a.m. to 12 a.m.
38 E Rodriguez Ave, Taytay, Rizal

Your Friendly Neighborhood Coffee Shop: Kalinaw Coffee Co.

After a two-month long hiatus, finally, I was able to visit another cafe and revive my coffee-hunting page. My last entry was June 19, and I was only able to go out on September 15. My acne had worsen again, so I had to prioritize my skin health over this passion. Derma consultations aren’t cheap, so I had to make wise choices and put my passion project on a hiatus for a while.

Besides this, whenever I go to coffee shops (usually on a Thursday or a Friday), I would spend ten hours every day to work to make sure I still fulfill my 40 hours in a week. I realized, however, that I would still spend a significant amount of time working during my cafe day even when I already allotted that day for leisure. I still continued, but it got to a point that it drained me. I knew I had to step back. I didn’t want to go out for coffee just for content; this was supposed to be a hobby, not a requirement.

When things got a little better, I decided to visit a cafe near me to save on transportation, which was how I found Kalinaw Coffee Co.

How to Go to Kalinaw Coffee Co.

Ride a jeep going to Sta. Lucia East Grand Mall or Tropical and tell the driver to drop you off at Vista Verde. From the gate of Vista Verde, Kalinaw Coffee Co. is only a three- to five-minute walk.

What to Expect in Kalinaw Coffee Co.

Kalinaw Coffee Co. is a coffice, meaning there were sockets and available Wi-Fi network for its patrons. No wonder there were so many people at four o’clock of a Thursday. Both the first and the second floors were fully occupied. Good thing I was able to secure a seat.

Surprisingly, they also serve wine! It was a perfect cafe for the titos and titas of Manila who love drinking wine and coffee. Kalinaw merchandise was also available.

What to Eat in Kalinaw Coffee Co.

As I haven’t had my lunch that time, I had to order a meal. One of their best-sellers is their hungarian rice meal, which was worth PhP 140, and then I accompanied my rice meal with their iced caramel macchiato for PhP 140.

Hunger (and coffee craving) satisfied.

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Kalinaw Coffee Co.
Monday, Wednesday to Sunday, 12:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m.
Vista Verde, Cainta, Rizal

A Spacious Cafe with a Coworking Space: Eli Coffee and Tea

I was browsing for a coworking space nearby during the early days of June when Eli Coffee & Tea was suggested as a cafe on Facebook. The first that was advertised was their branch in Antipolo. However, I had already been to a cafe in Antipolo that time, and my goal was to visit one cafe per municipality in Rizal. Good thing I searched further and discovered that they had another branch in Binangonan.

How to Go to Eli Coffee & Tea

From any point in Ortigas Extension, ride a Binangonan Double Highway jeep and tell the driver to drop you off at Darangan. I only used Google Maps to check if I was near the location before going down the jeep. Eli & Coffee, if I remember it correctly, should be at the right side.

What to Expect in Eli Coffee & Tea

This spacious coffee shop in Binangonan can accommodate gatherings for over 20 people. The room next to the sliding door can be rented for private gatherings, but the whole cafe is available for a larger number of attendees as well. You can check their rates at the tarpaulin inside the cafe.

They also have a separate coworking space located below the coffee shop. If you’re planning to work, it will be better to stay at the coworking space since the cafe only has one socket available, which is placed on a high area of one of their walls (so it was a bit embarrassing to charge my device).

The atmosphere is cozy, and you’ll feel you’re in your rich aunt’s living room full of guests rather than in a cafe. A wide wooden bookshelf occupies a corner of the coffee shop, which is known to be the cafe’s instagrammable spot.

What to Eat in Eli Coffee & Tea

I stayed for a long time in the cafe, so I ordered two times: one for brunch and another for snack/dinner. The picture above was my brunch consisting of tuna pesto (PhP 120), tiramisu iced coffee (PhP 125), and chocolate chip cookie (PhP 55). The pasta had little serving, but the drink easily made me full.

My snack, shown on the picture above, consisted of mozzarella sticks (PhP 165) and Okinawa milk tea (PhP 105). The sticks were so, so good, especially with the salsa dip that came with it.

For more information about this experience, visit Kape Tayo, Rizal‘s Facebook page.

Eli Coffee & Tea
12:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.
2nd floor Pearl Building, National Rd., Calumpang, Binangonan, Rizal