Newly Opened Cafe in Tanay: Triston 360 Cafe

This was the farthest cafe I had visited so far (I visited last December 16). In fact, it took me almost four hours to commute. But the pink skies and the experience were worth it.

How to Go to Tanay Triston 360 Cafe

I had to ask the cafe itself for instructions since it was my first time to go to Tanay.

I rode an Antipolo-Tanay jeep from a point in Ortigas Extension and had the jeepney driver drop me at Tanay Bayan. The tricycles there led me to the jeepney terminal that passes by some points in Marilaque Highway. (While writing this, I should have asked if they pass by Cuyambay).

From the jeepney terminal, I asked them to drop me off at Martessem. From there, I rode a tricycle that gave me a ride up to Cuyambay Arc (it cost me PhP 150 though).

If you’re cafe-hunting alone like me, I suggest that you leave as soon as you eat, as finding jeepneys and tricycles is more difficult at night.

What to Experience in Tanay Triston 360 Cafe

It was a simple cafe, nothing fancy. Their “theme” focused on their purpose and location—their advantage. It was a newly opened cafe when I went to visit, so many parts were still being constructed. But today I heard that they already have a stonehenge-inspired rock installation and a backyard.

From the cafe, you’ll also have a good view of Laguna De Bay and some Tanay mountains and fields. I thought I was unlucky that day since it was slightly raining and I wouldn’t be able to see the sunset. To my surprise, I was blessed with a burning pink sky.

Before I forgot: wear a jacket. Do not underestimate the cold air of Tanay peaks (which was what I did, and I regretted wearing a skirt that day haha).

What to Eat in Tanay Triston 360 Cafe

They gave me a lot of free food, so it was a surprising experience. I only ordered their continental breakfast (PhP 259) and blue layered iced coffee (PhP 128), but they also gave me tuna pesto, blue ice cream, and tea.

My orders were okay, but if I’d go there a second time, I would pick one of their pastas and a warm cup of tea. For tea goers, I would highly recommend theirs; I felt cozy after drinking, which was a great pair for a freezing body.

For more information, visit this post by Kape Tayo, Rizal.

Triston 360 Cafe
5:30 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.
Ipil St. Corner, Marikina-Infanta Highway, Tanay, rizal