Little Bear Diner: A Simple but Elegant Restaurant Serving Good Indian Food

I have wanted to eat at Little Bear Diner in East Capitol way, way before because it seemed to have good cutesy vibes.


From the east, you can ride jeepneys with “Crossing” signs. Tell the driver to drop you at Kapitolyo. Cross the pedestrian lane toward Shakeys, walk toward Mercury Drug, and cross the pedestrian lane toward Andok’s. Ride a green tricycle (Php 21.00) and tell the driver to drop you at 23 East Capitol (near Mad Mark/s).

The tricycle fair is really expensive, so I suggest you walk from Mercury Drug to Ramen Cool (East Capitol Drive corner). Tread East Capitol Drive and look for Little Bear Diner, just beside Mad Mark’s.


The food is exquisite! I am not an explorer when it comes to other cuisines (as you can see, I usually order pasta, coffee, and dessert), so I was very pleased with my order.

I ordered fried butter chicken and waffles (Php 425.00) and Kerala beef tacos (Php 285.00). Both were good, a 9/10. The fried butter chicken was a bit spicy for my fragile tongue, but I still enjoyed them. The maple-dipped waffle really complemented it. I loved their Kerala beef tacos. Must try! Yes, they were expensive, but with their presentation and service, I did not regret it.

For drinks, I tried Cardamom Lassi (Php 95.00). It tasted really weird. That’s a 6/10 for me. (Not for those with sweet tooth, I guess.)

They also serve alcoholic drinks.


Yes, I have a separate “service” column for them because I was greatly pleased with their service. One, they asked if we wanted warm or cold water. The cold water was refreshing, and the warm water was like . . . really warm.

Their dining crew is very accommodating, not to mention that the owner (I think) gladly served our food and genuinely asked if we were enjoying our stay. 10/10.


Though small, the place is elegant in its own ways. I loved how the finely furnished wood complemented the lights. Stuffed bears and ornaments were neatly placed on a polka-dotted wall. Indeed, Little Bear Diner is one of the simplest and cleanest, not to mention cutest, restaurants I had been.

Their comfort room is 10/10: clean and complete with a washing area and bidet.

They had outlets upstairs, but I wasn’t able to try if they were working. I was there to have dinner anyway.

Favorite Picture

Little Bear Diner
12:00 p.m.–11:00 p.m.
23 East Capitol Drive, Brgy. Kapitolyo, Pasig

Karen’s Kitchen (Part 2)

I posted about Karen’s Kitchen before here and said I would go back—so there I was. I was able to take more pictures of what’s inside their restaurant. One side of the wall was instagrammable, the other side not so much.

I ordered Mushroom Truffle with Angel Hair again (I swear, it’s a must-try). I also love the uniqueness of their hot chocolate drink; it reminds me of Mom’s champorado. Their baby back ribs was tender and easy-to-slice, and it tasted much better than our first try.

As they say, love is sweeter the second time around. If you’d ask if I’d go there again, of course, I would.